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  1. Been trying to find images of 58 reissue epiphone Korina Flying V and it’s hard to say seem like 1997 to 1998 March they may not have had the rumble strips Checked google image search but only has a few images which make it hard to verify does anyone out there have photos of their Flying V between the period above that they can share or confirm if they have the strip
  2. Hi All I hope all is well out there. Looking to purchase a 2008 Gibson Commemorative 50th anniversary explorer. Was part of the Guitar of the month line. If you have one would love to hear from you. Thanks
  3. Definitely the synapse, I own one and it’s very versatile instrument.
  4. Hi All Just bought a 1998 epiphone Korina 58 reissue Flying V, the guitar does not have the rumble strip at the bottom and a guitar ( the strip that makes it easier to play while sitting down) I’ve only seen one other early model 1998 epiphone Korina 58 reissue without the rumble strip As far as I can tell they came without one from jan 98 to May 98 then all the ones I see have rumble strips can some out there in the community confirm that to be true. Or is there something else going on. thanks
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