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  1. Ok ok last one! At my Nanny’s house on Thanksgiving a few years ago. If you go to the 1:53 mark you will see her in her chair.
  2. Here is one I did with the banner.
  3. It says 50s j45 original on the sticker on the inside. After looking it up, it seems to be similar to the standard in build and materials.
  4. Here is one y’all might remember! Played on an epiphone dr 500mv something of another.
  5. Yes but the banner has a unique sound. A certain earthy tone. The new one sounds just like that, new!
  6. For our 10 year anniversary my wife surprised me with a brother for the banner. See any similarities? Man ,what a summer it has been!
  7. Ah. I should have thought of this option before I bought my copy! The sticker will have to do!
  8. Don’t worry! I have no inclination to adjust the truss rod. I have the same thoughts as you ,being that the instrument is 75 plus years old. The guitar plays fine, so no adjustments are needed. As for a luthier, I will have to find one in the area but am hesitant to leave the guitar overnight if work must be done to it!
  9. What kind of wood do the back and sides look like? Mahogany or Maple? Also the neck?
  10. Ok ,here are the pictures I took today. I hope the link works! Let me know if yall can see them! Here is the link. Thank you my Rolling Stones man for the info on the picture sharing. https://imgur.com/a/HHrfl4z
  11. Cool! Thank you for the information. I just bought a copy of your book off Amazon. Can't wait to read it!
  12. Ok. I took quite a bit of pictures of her and unfortunately this forum has reduced my size from 500kb to max size 66kb and it will not let me upload the pics. Is there a moderator that will allow me to upload these pics? Also I put a mirror in the soundhole looking for numbers. My findings were unsuccessful. I do not see any numbers on or inside this guitar. Thank you all for the help!
  13. Was the mahogany top just for that year? What was the top for the other years? I will look for that number today.
  14. So after reading the comments I can assume this is in fact a model J45 from the World War 2 Era? Is there a possibility that it can be anything else? What other model does this guitar look like? Thank you for all the help so far! FYI ... I would like to upload more pictures of the guitar but my max total size dropped from 500kb to 66kb. Does this forum only allow you to post so many pictures per day or something??
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