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  1. Are Gibson building any more ES-125's anymore or are they only vintage? B
  2. No bites...? FAIL... peace
  3. I bought an SG Special because I couldn't afford a standard.. I've had it for about 8 years. Now I can afford a standard, but I don't want one. My Special does everything I need. I also have a Gibson ES359 custom and an Epiphone (Sheraton) too, it's great but my Gibsons are better (sound, stable tuning, feel, look etc). It's worth saving up. Make sure you try them out properly before you buy. Some Gibsons are cr*p. on the other hand.... My buddy has an Epiphone LP custom, he loves it and even though he has enough cash at the moment, he's not interested in getting the Gibson version.
  4. i have to thank the people who have put these fixes on the forum... they are a great help. I've had an 'dodgy' connection on my Korean Sheraton for ages and finally decided to pluck up the courage to fish the jack input out of the f-hole and replace the part. Armed with a brand new soldering iron and a spare evening.. (I'm not trained in the dark art of molten lead.) The connections were still good but flexible springy metal bit (name?) was bent back through years of use and it was covered in 'gunk'.. like wax.... I gently heated it with the soldering iron and bent it back into shape. I used a pencil eraser to remove the build up and corrosion, then some trusty WD40 and a cotton cloth, to a shine! Good as new. I also remembered to test it before putting it back into position. I used some elastic fishing wire and a paper clip to amke it easy to 'fish' it back into position. The elastic wire was amazing, it literally 'flicked' back into position... I'd set aside a whole evening for this job and it took me 10 minutes! and to think, I nearly paid a pro to fix it!!
  5. Congrats, Man! That stuff never happens here in Hong Kong.. it's new or nothing! I'm looking for a '77 SG Special or Standard.. but it's impossible to get vintage stuff here. My only hope is back in the UK... my family may be able to get one for me and bring it over hand carry on a plane...? Ahh well. Happy for you, man! Chiseen
  6. After a long search for a good inexpensive pedal board, Me and my bandmates have taken matters into our own hands a decided to build 'custom' pedal boards. The Mk1 board was a metal and plastic stiff mesh with the pedals attached with cable ties... this was soon replaced by a piece of plywood, sprayed black, rubber feet attached and some LED's added for 'bling'. We are fortunate enough to have a store near us that custom makes flight cases, so now we all have our own, custom boards and cases for about 300 Hong Kong Dollars... about 40 US Dollars. What boards do you guys use? Chiseen Gibson SG Special 2003 Gibson ES-359 custom 2008 Epiphone Sheraton natural 1999 Fender Jag '62 reissue (with Mustang bridge coming soon )2009 Gordon-Smith Les Paul Junior Shape 2010 made to my specs. VOX AC-15 cc1
  7. No I use an AC15 CC1 Boss ME50 Korg Pitch Black Tuner I have an A/B/Y pedal and I run two lines to the 'Normal' and 'Top boost' channels. Normal channel set to 'quite clean' so when I play gently I get a nice warm clean tone and when I play hard I get a slightly overdriven sound. The TOP BOOST channel gives me a really cool medium heavy overdrive. Usually the ME50 is set to clean with a bit of compression and a touch of delay to thicken the sound a little and the amp still maintains it's 'voice' For any other effects including heavy distortion/fuzz, I use the ME50. I mostly use the OD sounds of the amp. I prefer to keep the sound of the VOX at the forefront of my tone.
  8. I have an Epiphone (Sheraton) and two Gibsons. I love my Epi. The only problem on it is the electronics hardware.. it's not as good as the Gibson hardware, but I've had it for about 10 years and it's only just starting to wear out.. That's pretty good in my books. Maybe the new (Chinese) Epiphones don't stand up to the old Korean/ Japanese Epiphones, but my bandmate has one and it's fine. Not everyone can afford a Gibson USA, so it's great to have the choice... Doesn't ESP come from Japan..? like, one of the highest quality guitars out there. They p*ss all over the latest Gibsons in terms of finish! I've not been impressed with Gibsons since 2003. My es359 Custom had to be sent back for refinishing!!!!! My Epiphone sounds different, but I wouldn't say it was worse.. just different. Of course, the SG stands out way above the rest, including my es359. And back to the topic.... Single Cut SG... Epiphone will probably do one for you. Cheap! Made in China..
  9. RIght.. just to put it to bed.. and to rattle a few stuffy cages! It's certainly not my cup of tea.. I think I need to take a bath in vinegar to cleanse myself after making that!!! EWWW! FLAME ON!!
  10. Well... you will all be happy to hear that I tried the Cheap Washburn WI64 for a good hour today.. it plays brilliantly.. but the volume controls don't make any difference to the volume level until you get to '1' and then it cuts... and the VCC so called coil tap emulation ..erm.. thingy... REALLY SUCKS! SHAME! it feels really good in the hand. RUBBISH!!!! I guess that's what you'd expect for the money.. I suppose you could swap out the electrics, but I can't be bothered when I've got a totally brilliant SG. It's a cool looking guitar... but it really doesn't compare to the prestige, nor sheer EVIL coolness of the double-be-horn-ed one. SG Special 2003 ES359 Custom 2008 Epiphone Sheraton '90s Fender Jag '62 reissue Olympic White 2009 Gordon Smith GS1.5 60 2010(LP jr shape, with single coil in neck position and coil tapped humbucker on bridge) NEXT??
  11. There's a Guitar by Washburn called the 'Idol Series' (WI64) that looks a bit like a single cut SG. I tried one and it feels a lot like an SG. (I have an SG special). http://www.washburn.com/electrics/idol-series/ There's one in my local shop and it's been there for at least 2 years. Now the price has dropped to 2300 Hong Kong Dollars (US$295). List price on the website is US$550...To buy or not to buy?? I might make a fun project guitar. Add some P94's and put it through it's paces live for a bit!?
  12. Learn to listen and figure stuff out. Once you've got the hang of power chords you can start to listen and 'find' the song on the fretboard. Learning by ear is a great start. Tab is good, but the more you work stuff out (transcribe) for yourself, (I find) the easier it is to remember songs and it gets easier as you go. Greenday's 'Dookie' is a great album to start on. Strong songs and pretty easy to pick up.
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