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  1. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Maestro+by+Gibson+-+6-String+Double-Cutaway+Electric+Guitar/9365652.p?id=1218092152724&skuId=9365652&st=gibson%20sg&cp=1&lp=1 If this is what you are actually getting, this is amazing.
  2. Ok, wait.. The guy who started that said "..store in long term..",
  3. I was wondering where do you put them when not in use. Some people say that, due to temperature changes, it is "dangerous" to store it in its hardcase. Please post!
  4. SG Junior. Looks great!
  5. I would like to know how well this stand would work for a Gibson SG Special faded: http://www.herculesstands.com/guitars/GS402B.html
  6. Haha! It definitely is[cool] !
  7. I have this very same guitar! And don't worry, even though the finish seems to be easilly chipped, it is not that easy to chip it (unless, of course you drop a galon of sweat on it ). Pickups are amazing, it is a great guitar.
  8. Hello everybody. If you accessed this thread if because you like John Cipollina! (or you simply felt like doing it!). The point of this thread is to tab famous John Cipollina songs. You can also share tabs, though I'll start this off.. Who do You love
  9. That was a great episode[biggrin]! *Homer throws guitar through the window and lands on Mick Jagger's desk* Homer: Sorry Mick! Mick: SIMPSOOON!
  10. Thanks to those who ACTUALLY HELPED AT SOMETHING.
  11. This is comming great! By the way, I lost
  12. 1. AC/DC - I love their sound, their everything, and I somehow identify myself with Angus 2. The Doors- I love their style and tunes, I love Robby's playing 3. The Beatles-I love them, people say I look like Paul 4. The Rolling Stones-Their attitude, their sound, it all fits me.. 5. Led Zeppelin- I love Jimmy's playing and Robert's singing 6. Van Halen-great songs, rock n roll classics 7. Guns N Roses-their music is simply amazing 8. The Jimi Hendrix Experience-guitar masters 9.Black Sabbath-Tony rules 10.Queen- Freddie is amazing, and Brian's playing is superb.
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