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  1. That's what I thought. Masterbilt doesn't necessarily mean solid wood but is more like a "premium" label. Nothing wrong with a laminated top archie; many of the best ever have been lam tops.
  2. Wow, that is chambered! Is lay money my son's 94 MIK isn't weight relieved. If it is, they must have filled the chambers with lead shot. It comes in over 9 pounds.
  3. I've owned a Peerless Casino. One of those really cool turquoise models with factory Bigsby. The paint was nice and that's about all I can say about it. The nut was junk, the tuners were awful and the Bigsby was atrocious. Sold that thing in a few weeks' time. I'll take a modern Chinese version any day.
  4. Funny you bring this one up. My Kat IS back to stock now, awaiting a return to Nashville for a warranty deal. It'll likely be a one way trip. :( EG
  5. Funny you bring this one up. My Kat IS back to stock now, awaiting a return to Nashville for a warranty deal. It'll likely be a one way trip. :( EG
  6. A back to back comparison between a standard Casino and an anniversary model last weekend demonstrated starkly how much difference there is between them. Wow. EG
  7. The major faults with mine...The obvious warped body, some finish flaws and the two extra screw holes under the neck pickup mounting ring, are pretty cheesy. These are the things that detract from a higher score. The body warp is some kinda weird fluke...who knows where that came from. It wasn't there when new, so I can't really fault Epi QC for it. That someone drilled the holes for the neck pickup incorrectly then fixed it with more holes should never have happened. The finish flaws are minor, but there. As I said, however, I like guitar. It plays very well and sounds good. I don't expect custom shop attention to detail from a $400 guitar. EG
  8. I have an Alleykat. Of course, with the humbuckers, it's a different animal. Mine has been gutted electronically (a few times) in an effort to eliminate muddiness. Have had a tough time finding a bridge pickup that sounds good, but I'm fairly pleased with the 498 I'm currently using. Have a Duncan SM3 in the neck. The electronics, I've whittled down to the three way (now switchcraft) and a single volume and tone, done up with braided. Pushback wire. That helped a lot, right there. The body on mine has developed a little warp to it, but it doesn't seem to affect the playability any. The nut was cut pretty poorly. Despite those drawbacks, it has turned in to a good player and I doubt it goes anywhere. My Gibson LP still sounds better, but this one is pretty good. I'd give a 6.5 out of 10 overall. Maybe 7.5 with the changes I've made. EG
  9. It does indeed look like you have Epis new Probucker pups.... In an effort to continually improve quality, Epiphone has introduced new features over the years like our wiring harness "Quick Connector" for unequalled reliability and ease of service, an "All-Metal Toggle Switch" to ensure years of reliable service and performance, a "Locking Tune-o-matic/Stopbar" that auto-locks the bridge and tailpiece in place with no tools needed, "Full-Size Potentiometers with 1" diameter for better throw, longer life and reliable service and proprietary "Output Jacks" that feature an improved contact shape and heavy-duty spring steel... just to name a few. Now we are proud to announce the introduction of the Epiphone ProBuckerâ„¢ pickup. Currently offered in the LP Traditional PRO (and other models coming soon), these pickups are an inspired version of Gibson's BurstBucker, featuring unevenly wound coils and Alnico-II magnets that replicate that "Patent Applied for" airy tone. You'll love the way they sound! ProBuckers feature: 18% Nickel Silver unit bases and covers: This is the same alloy used by Gibson. The use of Nickel Silver reduces the occurrence of eddy currents due to low conductivity and provides a more transparent and crisp output. Bobbins manufactured to Gibson specifications and dimensions: The size and shape of bobbins has great impact on tonal response. The bobbins used on these pickups duplicate the size and shape of the gold standard in the industry, Gibson humbuckers. Elektrisola magnet wire: The same wire used by Gibson. Single build (thickness of coating on wire) high quality magnet wire manufactured to NEMA (National Electrical Manufactures Association) standards. Pole screws and slugs: Manufactured to Gibson specifications using the same metal alloys. Also: ProBucker pickups feature Sand cast Alnico II magnets, high quality 4 conductor lead wire and are Vacuum Wax potted to eliminate microphonics. Sounds like the same pups. EG
  10. Hey guys, i think i may know about the pups in these. If you read the description/specs on the Epi LP Treaditional Pro, i think you'll find the answer. Looks to me like Epi has a new upgrade pup with nickel base, USA sized bobbins, etc. Perhaps we'll see these on more guitars. EG
  11. Thanks. Me too. I still wonder why they only made a handful of em. Great guitars. EG
  12. Thanks. Definitely going for an old school vibe. The events surrounding the song occurred in the 1940s so it seemed appropriate. The guitar has become a good one. It's taken me some time to get everything set up the way I like it, but I think it's finally there. The Kat has everything I like in a good electric and it plays so well. Epi outdid themselves with this one. EG
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