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  1. Hi took delivery of the LC335. Fantastic to play. The neck makes for a sweet vibrato. I was also concerned about the nut width as I have been used to a ('76) 175t and a ('93 ) Strat deluxe. However there is no problem. I have bigish hands and the nut position works just fine. The guitar feel quite substantial but I love it. If I was to pick at some fault I would say that Gibson could have filed the outer ends of the frett wites. This is something that I would considder doing myself but I would need guidance.
  2. The jurys out. Lets wait until I put it through my 1981 musicman 2X12 65watt. I think the sound and general feel will win me over.
  3. Alan you are quite right. I have just taken a dimension of the width on my 175T and it is 1"11/16. I would love it if the LC was the same. However having spoken to gibson they inform me that it is 1"9/16. Back in the late '70s I had a cherry red 335 and I thought the neck was narrow. At that stage I was used to playing accoutic guitars so that could have been part the reason that I thought the neck was narrow. However I am delighted to have one again. Now I use the ('76) 175T, ('93) DELUX Strat, Martin OM-42 ( Have to sell this one. Cant afford to hold onto it!!!) Yamaha CPX 15, ('74) Suzuki spanish and of course the LC335 when it lands.
  4. Thank you Alan. You are quite right. I have taken a dimension of the nut width on my 175T and it is 1" 11/16". Having spoken to gibson people I now am almost sure that the LC335 has a nut width of 1"9/16. (woud like it wider)Back in the late '70s I had a cherry red 335. I remember feeling that the neck was narrow!! However at that stage I was used to playing accoustic guitars so the 335 would naturally have felt narrow. Now I use the 175T, A 93' delux Strat, Martin OM-42, Yamaha cpx15, and a '70s Suzuki spanish guitar. My amp is a 212X65 musicman 1981, (no frills just a clear sound!!) Joseph.
  5. Hi I am expecting delivery of a 335 Larry Carlton Signature and I was researching necks. Following that I can say that the 175T has a slim neck that is in thickness, less than an 1" at the nut. The nut width is 1" 3/4". Nice neck width. Lovely feel throughout. I have been trying to get an accurate width dimension at the nut of the LC335. I would like if somebody who had one would take an actual dimension. I believe it may be 1" 9/16". I will wait and see.
  6. I cant see myself letting it go at that price. I have just checked and that equats to €1300. I think he did very well. However the Byrdland is a beauty. So both of you are happy!
  7. Alan the 137 appears to be in the les paul family sound as apposed to the woody sound of the 175. The body is thicker than the thin line. However the 137 still looks great. You have an impressive collection.
  8. craig I'd love to be in a position to give it to you!!! Thanks for the nice comments. cdnac how much!!!! Maybe I should think twice and hold off. I made a big mistake in '79 trading a cherry 335 for a custom less paul. I have undone that now as I am taking delivery of a Larry Carlton 335. However I dont think that I will be able to undo this one (MISTAKE) if I part with the 175T.
  9. slight curve. Not flat.
  10. Yep if I can sell the Martin the 175t is saved!! The neck profile has a slight curve. Definately not flat. I believe there were something like 1000 of these made. Maybe somebody can enlighten me on this.
  11. Yes I have been using it. There is no work in architecture so I have to part with the 175T and a Martin OM-42. I wouldnt say that it was in mint condition, however it is in great shape. You never know I might hold onto it. That is if I can sell the Martin!!
  12. Thank you brundaddy. It was my first upload. Now I'll go crazy uploading. Glad you like the guitar.
  13. Hi anybody interested in a nice old guitar. 1976 in great condition.
  14. Guitar Junkie excellent Thanks. infor re uploading images:
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