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  1. AMAZING!! One of the most beautiful Vs I have ever seen...The diamond at the jack was a nice artistic flair. The only V I would prefer to yours would the Randy Rhoads "Concorde" Reissue that Jackson came out with.
  2. Any sale of a Rickenbacker guitar is the worst selling mistake you can ever make ~_^ Which is why they will never be for sale =)
  3. So I'm still in the market for a Gibson Custom Shop Historic 1960 Reissue. I want one with a classic fiery burst though the pictures I have seen on the Gibson Custom Facebook page seem to be hit 'n miss for "Washed Cherry". I'm looking for a burst with that nice deep red on the outside, the yellow Sun on the inside of the burst, and maximum number of color gradiant in between. So far, "Heritage Cherry Sunburst" is looking like the best candidate. However, my dealer informs me that the Custom Shop no longer accepts custom orders. I hear this is because they are trying to work through their backlog and hopefully it will be temporary. I suppose I can settle for "Washed Cherry" (or is settling bad on a guitar this expensive?) if I can get the 1960 in GLOSS, but when I called Gibson's customer service line, they said they can only offer VOS on the 1960s but do offer choice of VOS and GLOSS on the 1959s. Does this make any sense? I'm getting sick of the hard push for VOS. Are they just trying to save cost/time by omitting a step in the finishing?
  4. DuaLeaD

    Bedroom Amps

    When I rock out in the bedroom, I prefer to plug into a cheap date....I thought this was an easy question?
  5. I know this post is a longshot, but has anyone ever been able to do a side-by-side comparison (Tone, Construction, Aesthetics, Playablilty) of a real vintage Gibson vs a high-end Custom Shop Historic Reissue? How close are they? I know from my 1965 Firebird VII Historic Reissue, which is my first (of hopefully many to come) Custom Shop guitars, that you are getting serious quality. Honestly, I would prefer a historic reissue due to advancements made by the Gibson master luthiers. Could you argue that you are actually getting a better guitar than what the original 1950s/1960s lines could have ever been? Logically, you would have to think that since those guitars were made by hand back in the day, you could pick from a batch of 30 and only have one may been that EPIC axe that everyone lusts after and there would have also been a few lemons just like any other manufacturer. I suppose one could also argue that vintage guitars sound better as they have had many decades for their wood to cure. Maybe that is another debate in itself. Am I wrong?
  6. Would you say the tuning is more stable than a Maestro?
  7. My Floyd looks great on my Jackson Rhoads V, but I think they look cheap on an elegant instrument like a Les Paul. The Maestro on my Firebird makes me have to retune every 2 or 3 songs and I put very little pressure on it. I've tried graphite which seems to help a little bit. I was wondering how Bigsbys were on Les Pauls and if anyone had any experience with them. I really want to tryout Collector's Choice #3 "The Babe" but it's not like I can just walk into Guitar Center and try one. Our local GC is absolute ****...They have 9 Trad Pros and a few Studios to play - That's it for Les Paul selection.
  8. Don't usually bump my topics but I could really use some advice here as this guitar would be quite a fortune
  9. NEVER underestimate the power of a 12-string guitar ;) This particular one of mine is very special and when I play her, she sounds like Heaven on Earth!
  10. What's the difference between a 2012 and 2013? One year and a higher price?
  11. So I am definitely in the market for my second epic new relic from the Gibson Custom Shop Historic Collection!! I want the 1960 Reissue in "Washed Cherry" (or some kind of fiery sunburst with maximum amount of color variety between red and bright yellow), but I would be lying if I weren't tempted by the mystique and rarity of the Collector's Choice #3 1960 "The Babe". The only thing stopping me from pulling the trigger is the Bigsby. Ironically, it's what drew me to the guitar in the first place, seeing how much Neil Schon and Neil Young love their trems. Bigsby's are my preferred tremolo aesthetically AND functionally (Sorry, a Floyd Rose looks cheap/tacky and the Maestro is just barbaric on my 1965 Firebird VII Reissue). The Jimmy Page Signature Custom is absolutely godly as well - The QUEEN of the "Black Beauty"s. My only issue with it is TUNING. Les Pauls are enough of a ***** to keep in tune, I get it. But are they even worse with Bigsby's on them? So am I making a big deal out of nothing as far as tuning issues or is it warranted? Those familiar with Bigsby systems on Les Pauls, how many songs can you expect your tuning to hold up for before you start cringing the audience with your dissonance? Note: I am NOT planning on doing Eddie Van Halen dive-bombing on this pretty gem - That's what my Jackson Rhoads RR24 V is for \m/ \m/
  12. Posts that capture the excitement of new Gibson owners are my favorites on the forums - Cheers!!
  13. Well, they PLEK it twice for good luck and one of the Gibson Custom Shop elves takes a lookzee at it anyway, right??
  14. Hey buddy! Glad to see you still living at these forums, R9! It's been wearing on me for months and I REALLY want a 1960 Reissue in gloss....But I hate guitars that are a ***** to keep in tune, even with my Peterson StroboRack tuner (which is accurate to 1/1000th of a half-step). So how bad is it? It can't be as bad as my 1965 Reissue Gibson Firebird VII with Maestro Vibrato!! LOL!! I would just like to know before I bomb $5,000+. I know most LPs have tuning issues of some kind.
  15. Alex Lifeson due to his tone on the classic Rush albums Roger McGuinn and his work with The Byrds (love how my Rickenbacker 360 12-string shimmers)
  16. I miss the SG Supreme! I remember when I started playing guitar about 12 years ago and seeing one of these on the rack.... Some of the best flame work I've ever seen!! I love how it was incorporated with the wood patterns!!
  17. Wierd....Looks like a Fender Strat had a lovechild with a Gibson SG....
  18. I don't mind this statement...It's only when people start saying that Epiphones are just as good as an LP Standard or higher.... :)
  19. I absolutely love vintage rock photos...Thanks for posting this!
  20. I've been wanting to do this post for awhile and here it is! Yesterday marked exactly 5 years to the day I got my first Gibson which also happens to be my main axe. Someone from my local music shop had person arrived at my house to deliver it to me one VERY COLD December 17th in 2007. When I opened the case and unveiled the white cover, I was left breathless...I knew what I possessed wasn't just a guitar, but a work of art. I knew that this guitar I would cherish so long as my heart kept beating.... So 5 years have passed and I appreciate this guitar more now than ever. I can't seem to pick up another Les Paul and ever be satisfied with the tone. I honestly can't explain it. This guitar and my soul are one of the same. It is very much me. When it was new, I had a guy I met at my local shop play it. He had played dozens of Les Pauls over 40+ years and he said it was the best one he's ever played, tone wise and playability. He described it as "It's like you're dancing with it" "...as if it wants to be played and wants to sing for you". I would like to present these pictures for those of you interested in nitrocellulose, white guitars, or just aging in general. This is the real deal. Despite my best efforts of babying this guitar and cleaning/polishing it countless times, time has a way of winning in the end. But what do I know? I don't look as good as I did 5 years ago either! I remember whispering to it, "We will grow old together" (I know, I'm a stupid, sentimental sap) and that's why I refer to her as "The Wife" because she never lets me down. The other guitars in my arsenal are just weekend paramours but I always come back to her HAHA!! 2007 Gibson Les Paul Supreme NEW: You can just tell by that sheen on the gold hardware and perfectly uniform "Alpine White" color - This is how I like my guitars, pristine, but most guitarist disagree with me and love the aging.... 2007 Gibson Les Paul Supreme - 5 Years Later: The area where I rest my arm alongside her has discolored the white finish and I can't seem to find anything to reverse it. Also the spot where I palm mute has reacted with the gold hardware **Will add more pics when my Photobucket works again...
  21. I forget the code so that it previews (much as it would look when you link to Facebook)
  22. Hope you like it! I just shot it on my shitty still camera. I need to shoot it in HD and get a solid mic on it. The video doesn't do the legendary tone justice. I hope you enjoy seeing it "in the flesh" though. It's a (2012) Gibson Custom Shop 1965 Firebird VII Reissue....
  23. Maybe we need to write a song on one of our Custom Shop guitars...About how PLEK machines will never be better than a luthier... You know, like that ol' railroad song about John Henry...He's a steel-drivin' man!!
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