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  1. I had bought a 1981 Gibson Victory MVII, brand new in 1982. She was candy apple red and sounded fantastic! Then in 1999 my life was hitting bottom. All due to me having to "live the high life". I took her into a pawn shop and got me some pocket change, which went into some unscrupulous characters hands in exchange for _ _ _ _ _ . I was confident I would get her out of pawn. Alas, the local authorities felt it was best I spend a week in their county hotel over the time the pawn came due. By the time I was able to go back to the pawn shop she had been sold. It took me eleven years just to find another Victory, an '81 MVX. I now own 5 Victorys, all 1981s, two MVXs and three MVIIs. One of which is exactly like my original one, but it isn't the same..... You may be able to find a similar guitar, but you'll never replace the one you had! I have stopped my behavioral issues and now have 19 guitars in my collection, 11 Gibsons, but I still search the ads locally to see if my original babe is up for sale. I still have her serial number so I will know her for sure, plus as long as she has her original bridge, I made a modification there too. Someday?
  2. Got me a new Les Paul

  3. Got me a new Les Paul

    1. MickRohman


      I had to get a Zoot Suit! I am very glad I did, too! It's an amazing instrument. The richlite fret board is so smooth to bend across, the pick-ups give her a wide range of vocalizations, it's weight feels right and the look is flashy! Worth every cent!

    2. MickRohman


      I had to get a Zoot Suit! I am very glad I did, too! It's an amazing instrument. The richlite fret board is so smooth to bend across, the pick-ups give her a wide range of vocalizations, it's weight feels right and the look is flashy! Worth every cent!

  4. Hmmm, that may be. The body is definately the same as my Victorys. Did the face plate holding the pick-ups ever get pulled? I ask this because the Victorys were all routed for two humbuckers and one single(which actually is a stacked humbucker in the MVX) with the single being in the center position. Gibson did offer a Kahler system on the Victorys as I have one! It has the Gibson name stamped on it.
  5. Wow! Didn't expect to start a war! HA HA HA As for me, I have no idea what chemical finish is on my guitars! That's the luthier's job and not mine. I just play the damn things! At the time I started this forum I only had the one Victory, an MVX. Well, since then I have acquired 2 more, another MVX and a MVII. The MVX has a Gibson tremolo system on it and I am now trying to see if that was the way the factory made it. Funny, I now have owned .2% of all Victorys ever made! HA HA HA HA Never did I think that would happen! Anyway, as for sound quality and such, I feel the Victorys have an extremely wide range of voices due to the coil tap and type of pick-ups used. As much as I love them though they have more of a treble tone than my Les Pauls do and I believe that is due to them being made from hardrock maple verses the Les Paul's mohagony and maple construction. As to which is better, DON'T ASK! It depends on the song being played as to which guitar I would use. Also on my mood! My personal favorite is my 2001 Les Paul Standard, but that is strictly my personal choice. I love all 8 of my gibsons along with all 6 of my Fenders. If I didn't love them I would not have bought them! Now, on to Victory guitars! I love the way they fit my body while playing and their weight gives them some pretty impressive sustain. I love the feel of the neck and the speed I am able to obtain when playing. I just got the MVX with the tremolo 2 weeks back so I really haven't got to know it as of yet. I have to put new strings on it, my choice that is..... Then I'll see what she can do! I'm hoping for some Van Halenish sounds! By the way, I plug straight into my Marshall Dual Super Lead and use no other effects. I want to play guitar not an effect machine.....
  6. Tom, to the best of my knowledge, Gibson uses mohagony for their Studio LP bodies and then some get a maple top. If yours has a transparent paint on it then it most likely has a maple top and if the paint is opaque then it is solid mohagony. I've honestly never heard of Gibson using alder for any solid bodied electric, that is usually what Fender uses.
  7. It's not really a Victory. I own 3 Victorys and the headstock on yours is wrong plus the pick-up configuration doesn't match any of what the Victory models offered. It looks to be a one of a kind custom order and seeing the back of the headstock it's from the shop that does those! Also it was made in 1985 and they stopped making the Victorys in 1984. August 8, 1985 to be precise, this is going by the serial number. I hope this helps even though most of what I said was about what it's not..... Sorry.
  8. I own 5 Les Pauls at this time. 1986 Studio w/Bigsby tremolo, 2001 Standard Bird's Eye Top, 2003 Studio AAA Flame Top, 2004 Standard AA Flame Top and a 2004 Custom Shop Elegant Quilt Top. My favorite is the 2001 Standard! She's heavy which gives her a rich tone and super sustain!
  9. John, That would be great if you would be willing to sell me the bridge! I am getting ready to restore the selector switch as it seems to fade in the bridge postion. Tell me what you would want for it! My email is mrohman@q.com
  10. Has anyone here ever played a Victory guitar? The Vic basses were well known but the guitars seem to be almost unknown! Back in 1982 I bought a MVII, brand new! I loved that guitar! Due to some self-inflicted difficulties I ended up selling it. In the last year I have acquired two in hopes of replacing the one that got away..... HAHAHA One of each model and style of finish offered! A MVX in midnight blue and a MVII in tobacco burst. I love the lok, feel and sound of these guitars! Solid hardrock maple, so they do weight a bit. 10 pounds to be precise but my 2001 LP Standard weighs the same, maybe just a wee bit more. They both have some nice humbucking pick-ups and also a coil tap switch to get a true single coil sound! The pick-ups were also a new design just for the Victorys at the time. I don't know if they used them in any other Gibsons..... But 5 new designs! On the MVX it gives you 10 different pick-up configurations! That's a lot of potential voices. Then they used a bridge that has changable saddles so you could have either a brass or nylon saddle to give move variety to it's sound! It's too bad it didn't sell good enough to continue..... I was told by a customer service rep at Gibson that only 2000 were made and they were distributed world wide. I'd love to hear from any other Vic owner/player!
  11. I have a 1981 Gibson Victory MVX and a previous owner thought they were improving the guitar by changing it's bridge from the original 3 point top adjust tune-o-matic to a standard one. I now may be searching for the holy grail but if there would be anyone able to help me I think I would find them in these forums. If need be I do have the owner's manual and can post a picture of the actual bridge! It's all I need to make this rare MVX all original once more!
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