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  1. I watched live and in person at an indie store, where a nice person off the street came in and tried both the traditional, and a VOS... I tend to agree with his conclusions. The sonic differences were... well not really much.. and that based on his playing of both, the Traditional was a fine instrument, and represented better value for his needs. In spectating this, I tended to agree... I didn't hear a big tonal difference... and both guitars were very nice visually... the VOS is not going to have the mass market appeal.
  2. It's odd... one of my friends is an indie Gibson dealer. I've not seen any QC issues in his store...... then again, he may touch them up. I swear, Guitar Center and their mail order outfits seem to be the dumping ground for imperfects. I was in a bird store the other day, with the deafening sounds of parrots and lovebirds screeching. It STILL sounded better than a Guitar Center.
  3. I had an Epi SG... it was ok... but I sold it... Eventually a SilverBurst Robot SG told me to buy it... so I did. Now it hangs out with the rest of the guitars. It likes to play rock music.
  4. The current cases are OK... the heavy duty plastic cases from the late 70's early 80's were great... but I guess the maker held Gibson up for some big $$... so they switched to wood/cardboard cases again.
  5. vexorgtr

    Strap Buttons

    There are some straps with a plastic "lock jaw" on them that should latch onto the stock pegs ok.
  6. I fix up amps that are slated for the scrap... and sometimes the "starter" solid state amps actually sound better than one would think. I had a Gorilla that actually surprised me... and many others too.
  7. vexorgtr

    Robot guitar

    Yes, you can still tune and use the guitar (manual) when the battery is 100% dead. You could make the battery from 2 cells, a soldering iron and some shrink wrap.
  8. I would stick to products made for guitars. There was a true story of someone who used a furniture polish on a Gibson guitar, and whatever it was made of (likely for urethane finishes) made the nitro peel. Just stick to Nitro compatible stuff please.
  9. vexorgtr

    Robot guitar

    Sorry... just not the busiest of forums. I have one of these... I suggest trying Emergency Charge mode.... http://www.gibson.com/robotguitar/robot-guitar-manual.pdf It's on Page 52 of the guide. The batteries do wear out, just like any rechargeable battery does. UK sources I'm not sure, but I know Tronical sells direct to Europe. http://store.tronical-components.eu/battery-pack-gen-i-for-gibson/ Gibson USA has them, but that may be the less likely option.
  10. I can give you the basics.......... On the Original Robot through the X models... the guitar's bridge has 6 individual piezo saddles. This means the guitar can "Listen" to each string, and determine the pitch of it, much like a common off the shelf tuner does. These guitars are equipped with motorized tuners that are controlled by the system. Based on the pitch the guitar hears from the piezo, it can adjust the tension higher or lower to tune itself. One interesting thing on these guitars is that there's no wires hidden in the neck. The power and communication to the motors is done through the strings themselves. This is why you can't touch the strings whilst the guitar is tuning up.. or you get the "white light" warning you of a cross-over. One other thing that can cause this is players who don't trim the string ends. If two ends are touching, the system won't work. Rusty/old strings can cause issues too. With clean fresh properly wound strings, the system works great. Min-Etune is a bit different, but not much. Instead of the piezo saddles, the entire system is packed onto the headstock of the guitar (battery and all). This makes it a plausible retrofit. If you've seen the "Clip On" tuners they sell, this is the same methodology that the Min-Etune uses to listen for pitch. Min-Etune doesn't send any power or communication through your strings, so you shouldn't bump into that issue. However if you are using a rubber band soft string, it's likely there won't be enough vibration to reach the sensors. This system works ok with "10's or 11's". Hope this helps.
  11. Don't tell my 2 robotic guitars that. They've been running with 11's for 3 and 5 years respectively. I guess they'll just fall apart over the minor tension change.
  12. Well.... here's a WHY it happens..... The fingerboard is one wood...... Ebony/Rosewood... whatever... and the Neck is Mahogany..... Changes in moisture and temperature make woods swell and shrink... and different woods expand/contract differently. This happened to me on an SG.. Ebony board on Mahogany neck. Fixed by a local Luthier... however it's NOT going to effect the guitar's function. Preventing it...... Try and keep your guitar in a place where humidity and temperature are constant. A climate controlled basement works great.
  13. I have quite a collection of guitars.... if you like the Gibson necks and scale.... and want a different sound, find something with P90's in it.... it will keep a familiar feel and give a different sound. I really like guitars where the strings are higher off the body, so thus LP, SG, Ric, and Gretsch work for me........ Leo's guitars don't work for me at all.
  14. Did Gibson do that factory? Or is that some aftermarket paint job?
  15. I have a whole collection of amps.... if you actually want to Run vocal through it, perhaps you'd make out with a single speaker PA unit... http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/K1800FX.aspx It's an example, and made to handle multiple input sources. I play 12 string electric, and my favorite amp that is modest in size is the Epi Valve Senior.
  16. 1. It is likely the normal stamps would be there. 2. You will likely need to put holes in place for the extra screw if you are using Grover or Gibson tuners. 3. On Min-Etune, it uses the same vibration tech that a clip on headstock tuner uses. I find these in general have a hard time with low notes... most of them STINK for Bass... so I'm guessing you'll need extra fat strings to get enough vibration for Min-Etune to hear you. Original Robot, Darkfire, etc.... listen for pitch at the bridge, so they work better with low tunings.
  17. The RIP power supply is the same one you use for the charger pack. The 12V one.
  18. vexorgtr

    Help needed!!!

    How old is your battery pack? It's made of typical cells, and usually lasts 2-3 years. I would suggest removing the battery... then re-installing it and see if it helps.
  19. Schaller made lots of the stock bridges for Gibson... the '79 LP I have came stock with a Schaller.
  20. vexorgtr

    Bedroom Amps

    Yeah... it's a simple circuit, sounds good.... however you'll need a stomp box to get crunch at low volumes.
  21. Me thinks something stinks....... I wouldn't put significant moneys in it....... Considering a used 100% original LP can be picked up for 1000$ in better condition.
  22. A good luthier should be able to fix that without too much cost....... I got a second hand LP that had the back finish RIPPED UP by a cowboy belt buckle. It cost 100$ to get it fixed. I'd think your issue would be 50-75$
  23. I have an indie dealer in my town that gives super prices on Gibson. There's zero reason to go to the big box when there's a real dealer with a soul in town.
  24. The EB looks to me like Gibson set out to design a bass that's all business and minimal fluff. I'd play it...
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