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  1. I went through the site and could not find any info on a Swingster setup however Tech emailed this to me. I thought those of you with a Swingster might be able to use this info. Pickup Height - Measured from top of pickup to bottom of the string when string is depressed at the last fret. Factory Spec: Neck (rhythm) pickup: 3/32" Bridge (treble) pickup: 1/16" Action - The distance that a string must be depressed before it meets the fret. Measured from top of fret to bottom of string. 12th fret, treble side: 3/64" 12th fret, bass side: 5/64" 1st fret treble side: 1/64" 1st fret bass side: 2/64" I also asked him if the Swingster came with Gibson Brightwire 10”2 OEM and the answer was yes. I have some 11’s on mine and I’m going to change and try the Brightwire 10”s. The 11’s I have on it are a little muddy. I hope this is helpful to you Swingster owners I know mine sounded better with the factory spec for the pickup heights.
  2. I finally got around to fooling with string and found that this stopped the rattle. I got the bridge noise stopped by going to 11=52 with a wound G string.
  3. I just saw a picture of one in a catalog and it is the Recorder RI down to the last switch. I play with a fellow that has an original and what a fantastic sound he gets out of that guitar. I googled Gibson Recorder ReIssue and I found your post O’m gong to continue goggling until I find it. I don’t know what happened to the catalog I saw it in.
  4. I apologize for taking so long to get back with the results old man old memory. Well it was a 200 volt ceramic disk capacitor and it worked fine. The new wiring harness was built and installed and I am very happy with it. The tone has actually improved and the pots are great. I have a problem with the G string saddle on the roller bridge buzzing when I get that taken care of it will be one great Swingster.
  5. I will just go with the 100 or 200 volt then and see what happens. Thanks for the help I appreciate it. Blessings
  6. Updating the push/pull pots on my Swingster. I have the WD500PP-US on the way from www.guitarpartsresource.com and I already have the wire for the harness. What I can not find is what the voltage values are for the capacitors there are several volt variations out there for a .02 uF 2A2322 The capacitors and those are all the numbers I could find on them. They are disc and I searched the web for a couple of hours and could not decode the 2A223 on any of the sights. From what I understand they can be replaced with a .022 but once again the voltage vale is not mentioned and I would like to keep the capacitors to OEM specs if possible. Would someone have any knowledge of what the volt value is for the capacitor on the Swingster? I appreciate the help folks I have learned a lot from this Forum. Blessings
  7. I jave used the D'Addario XL111w I believe is the correct number, They are 11 gage with a wound third string and I was happy with them. I too am trying a different gage currently 10's are on it and I am going to to back to the 11. By the way 11 gage came from the factory on mine.
  8. That is all it takes for mine as well. It seems as if most sales techs don't have a clue about what case to recommend for the Swingster.
  9. I have hadmeyer Wine Red Swingster since last August and it is a great sounding guitar and the build quality is excellent. I have a friend with a classic Gretsch and after playing the Swingster for a bit it blew him away. He said the neck is better and the sound of the Swingbuster pickups were awesome and he is going to pick one up. Built on the Joe Pass Emperor II it already had a great reputation on which it is built. I bought the Joe Pass Emperor caes and it fits like a glove. The guitar does not move around at all. The interior of the case is very plush and a sight to behold. I puts Elexar 11's on it and they sound great. Although I do prefer a wound G string on it. To say I am extremely happy with the Swingster would be a understatement.
  10. I have had mine since last August and installed the pick guard to protect the finish. I don't think it detracts from the beauty of the Swingter. BTW mine is Wine Red.
  11. The only intonation problems should be with the single string saddles since it is a pinned bridge it should no move as a unit. The bridge on the Gretsch is not pinned and as a result you can lose the intonation when changing strings. The roller bridge should not cause a problem at all. If the strings are tight in the nut slot that could be a different story.
  12. I use 11's (Orem size) with a wound third string on mine. They are Dadarrio 111W if I remember correctly. They are great and stay in tune.
  13. The Swingster comes with 10's on it according to this http://www2.gibson.c...ster/Specs.aspx link. I bought mine Swingstger in Wine about a month ago and put new D'Addario 10's on it. Now the G string makes a noise at the roller birdge and it is becase when I finger pick it makes the G roller move side to side. I'm taking it back to see what they can do with it. I am going to go for a would G string on it that would be the D'Addario 110W I already have a set of 115W waiting to try out. It is an awesome guitar, very versitle and you can get about any tone out of it. The build quality is great and the finsh is superb along with the binding work. What a beautiful guitar. The case I got for it is a Joe Pass Emperor case and everything fits fine.
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