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  1. You can always create a photo bucket account and link the image from the photobucket account.
  2. If you have ANY sentimental attachments to your guitar, DO NOT SELL. I did that with my first electric, man it's a piece of ****, badly molded machine heads, in fact one has a hole in it from not molding properly and the strings are off to one side so they do not line up over the pickups at all. I think the neck is also warped. Yet I still bought it back for more than what I sold it for.
  3. ^^ Any permanent modification to the guitar will compromise the value of the guitar. Tonal wise, the design will not affect the LP.
  4. People choose various Desktop Audio Workstations aka DAWs. This is a thread to see what the Gibson forum members use and what their impression of their chosen DAW is and what they have tried before staying on the current DAW they now use. I personally use Cakewalk Sonar 8.5.3 Producer since I am a PC user. I have tried Cubase and found the learning curve was just too steep for me to carry on being trying with it. So I decided to lower the bar a little and Tried out Adobe Audition 3. It was definitely worth learning but it still lacked what Cubase offered. So I ended up with Sonar 8 PE at first which took a little time to get used to but at least it was easy to get my head around. Had a few bugs and was a bit of a system hog, upgraded to 8.5.3 Producer 32-bit and it ran much better. The DAW has it's quirks like every other but it does the job beautifully for what I want it to do which ranges from electronic industrial to acoustic unplugged sound.
  5. Personally I think it was a bad move on Gibsons aesthetic design with the studio when they decided to change the fretboard to Rosewood. As one of the posters said....look at the silverburst with the Rosewood :(. Personally Rosewood is for more detailed or guitars where the finish is stained wood or a Red, Tobacco sunburst etc. Compared to yours OP, the Rosewood Silverburst looks pretty damn ugly but everyone to their one tastes. Not sure when they stopped using Ebony on their studios. Be glad you have one at a time where they were still using Ebony. From what I gather Rosewood is cheaper than Ebony so it may have simply come down to cutting costs while retaining the sale price of Studios to make a higher profit margin.
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