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  1. I agree the newer cases in comparison to my LP Studio Lites case are lacking in the luster they used to have. The combination lock on mine is pretty useless though. It's been more of a hindrance as I have had problems with idiots changing the combination just to be funny.
  2. I see the Goldtop has already gone over double the amount as expected. But yeah it does look legit although personally it is missing a few key details, but you can always ask the seller to either post the pics you wish to see. e.g back of the headstock, the cert of authenticty, the guitar case itself. With the amont of imitation Gibson Les Pauls about, one needs to be wary buying without knowledge and inspecting the instrument in person.
  3. That image is about as sexy as a leather lounge suite full of hot scantly clad chicks.
  4. I have never liked Pink Floyd. It catered to an audience I was never part of. Without a doubt David Glimour is a talented musician within his own right but that does not mean he gets me interested with what he and Pink Floyd produced. They have made a strong imprint in music history and if they never release another album, I really don't think it matters
  5. You can always create a photo bucket account and link the image from the photobucket account.
  6. The Ebony faded does indeed look good.
  7. The bold is exactly what I do. I guess I would have to sit in with a mastering engineer to really comprehend what they are doing and the purpose of it with their explanation. Hoping I can also hear the results in the end result. I have recently talked to someone who suggested T-Racks, so I'm going to give it a try.
  8. Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom 10-52. Most Durable and retains enough string tension in the lower tunings.
  9. I use a Ebony 91' Studio Lite, although mine is basically a chambered studio with balsa blocks fitted. I've used it for years. Played an acquaintances Standard LP and all it gave me was a sore shoulder. If anything, the difference between the two is personal ego boost value. Some guitarists will feel cooler and possibly they play better if they play a more expensive model even though it sounds the same.
  10. Ah yes, phase cancellation sounds like when inverting vocals to cancel out the vocal in a track to get the instrumental. Never thought about that potentially happening. Haven't come across any of those problems yet as far as I can hear.
  11. Interesting, I'll have to contact customer service as well soon as I am curious about my pickups in my studio lite. Studio lites are supposed to have ceramic humbuckers in them but mine don't look like ceramic ones so I assume they are 490R/498T but then I have not seen any 490R pickups which have no Gibson USA badge or no holes.
  12. Thanks for your input guys. I decided to go with a RODE NT1-A condenser and have not regretted it. I run it through a Alesis Multimix 4 USB Mixer (not running through USB)which is line in to my Infrasonic Quartet sound card in my PC using Cakewalk Sonar PE 8.5.3 Recording with a flat eq on the mixer the sound is quite bright so turning down the treble helped a lot with reducing the amount of pick noise which was pretty much non existent DI into the mixer. I have the mic about 6" away from the sound hole at the lower part. The result is a warm sound which is great. My guitar being a shallow body with a large oval sound hole doesn't project very well so having the mic relatively close to the sound hole was necessary. Still I wanted more 'detail' to the sound for lack of a better word which going DI did but lacked any warmth. So used both at the same time to record and have the sound I am looking for. Will have the recording up in the near future for you guys to hear once the vocalist I am collaborating with over in the US is satisfied with her vocal recording before sending over this way.
  13. Despite having recording gear for a while it is only now that I am looking into recording in depth. I have always wondered about the term 'Mastering'. To me it's mixing and just a glorified term for it. I do not see any differences between to the two. How do you recording musicians describe Mastering?
  14. I see it as a hobby but I do want to best sound I can get within reason of cost. I don't have a full blown studio but it's dead silent where I live so I don't get any external interference. The music I tend to create is a hybrid of electronic and acoustic sound. Nothing progressive though. I suppose the sound could be related to Massive attack meets Tool. It's down beat and not technically complicated. Something which expresses mood rather than technical showboating. A lot of the time my projects are unfinished even though they can be labeled as complete in structure because IO may never know if I find a better way of creating the project's sound. I also collaborate with people over the internet which I am doing at the moment. I also extend my collaborations into genres which I do not particularly like to give another angle which may not have been thought of. My ambition mainly is to collaborate with aspiring musicians I see promise in.
  15. As you will most likely find with strats, they are all different. You will find the same thing with Les Pauls. If you get the opportunity to try out a set of the same guitar do so. You should notice one feels better over the other for some weird reason which I still can not explain.
  16. I think many solutions will be found outside the box. Requiring people who are not know it alls based on what they have been taught and what qualifications they have passed. But the people who are in no way attached to formal training in what is deemed to be a difficult and specialized occupation.
  17. Looks like a copy to me. I don't recall any Gibsons which have a three screw truss rod cover Doesn't even appear to be a truss rod in the neck. The positioning of the machine heads in the headstock seem a bit high too but it could be due to the machine heads themselves.
  18. Is there supposed to be any obvious labeling on the pickups to know what pickups you have? Since being on this forum I have found each model of a specific guitar changes material and specs over the years to various degrees. Now I am not sure what pickups I have in my Led Paul Studio Lite. I know the bridge pickup has Gibson USA machine pressed into the back of the pickup but still unsure if it is actually a 500T or a 498T as it looks identical to a studio in everyway visually besides having balsa in the body.
  19. As long as the guitarists are not all wanting to be the stand out guitar hero then all should be well. The Eagles did it and they all had their place in the band as guitarists. If anything, maybe one of the guitarists could also take up other sections in the band. Possibly sampling/programming as well as guitar.
  20. I used a Kyser. My last one was a capo which you needed to twist to apply pressure, the Kyser has spring pressure. Had it for years and it's still does the job.
  21. Okay so we had guitar hero. A little toy guitar with buttons instead of strings and a paddle thing to gauge your strumming. Now there is something new coming up from Ubisoft called Rocksmith where you use a real guitar, playing note for note. Would any of you REAL guitarists be interested?
  22. I swear Gibson are all over the show with their designs on certain guitars. One year has different things from the other without much notification of what has changed.
  23. If you have ANY sentimental attachments to your guitar, DO NOT SELL. I did that with my first electric, man it's a piece of ****, badly molded machine heads, in fact one has a hole in it from not molding properly and the strings are off to one side so they do not line up over the pickups at all. I think the neck is also warped. Yet I still bought it back for more than what I sold it for.
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