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  1. Hi guys. I've been away from the Gibson site for a while. I just noticed two very nice guitars : the Gary Moore tribute Standard and the Custom Lite. Does anybody had the opportunity to play or buy one of these guitars ?
  2. Hi guys. I own a 2008 Les Paul Standard (from 2009) and I absolutly love this guitar, especially the neck, the feel of the fretboard and the overall quality. The only thing missing was some suuuuuustain !!! A few days ago, I went to my technician for a little problem with the jack input (turned out it was just dirty...) and I also asked him about the lack of sustain. I started to look at the tail piece and he just screwed the four little allen bolts that are on the tune-o-matic and tail piece and said to me it should improve the sustain by reducing vibrations or something... It turned out to be a good idea : the sustain is now a lot better. I'm sharing my little story because I'm pretty sure other players have experienced the same with the 2008 Standard. On my side, I'll stop blaming the chambering for bad sustain. The thing to do is finishing the tune up of the guitar, something that is not done at the factory, I should have known from the start... Anyway, my 2008 Standard is now even better than before.
  3. Oupss, sorry, I didn't get it. My first language is french, so don't be too subtle !
  4. Good luck and by the way you don't live anywhere near Connecticut do you? Well, thank you very much. And I live in Montreal, Canada.
  5. Ho guys. I know my question is pretty much off topic but I would like to make sure I plugged my amp to my cabinet the proper way. I have a 2x12 Marshall JCM900 1936 cabinet and a JVM 210 head. So what I did is : From head 1x16 ohm plug -> to cab 16 ohms plug Does it make any sense.. ? I'm asking 'cause I'm not very familiar with these things and I recently got back to use my Marshall amp a lot more. Thanks. Nicolas
  6. Chambered Les Pauls are lighter than ''swiss cheesed'' one. Good thing for your shoulder when you play standing but it make the neck a bit too heavy in my opinion. Cheers.
  7. I've always preferred 100% original instruments, so I would keep everything unchanged if you ask me.
  8. Well, the JCM900 just felt a bit more ''old style'' and the clean channel is more crispy, if I can say...
  9. Depends of which Standard you're talking about 2008 Standard (build from 08-2008 to around 04-2012) are chambered The new LP Standard has a ''modern'' weight-relieved body The LP Trad. has a normal weight relieved body. (... as you can see, Gibson marketing department is hiring bi-polar folks...) Of these 3 guitars, the Traditional has the thicker neck. Cheers.
  10. Hi guys. I had a rehersal yesterday night with my band and I got to play with a JCM900 Marshall head. Wow, it was awesome ! The combinaison of my LP Joe Bonamassa Studio and this amp was really great, clean and overdrive. Just sharing my experience ! Have a great week end !
  11. The late Steve Clark (Def Leppard) David Gilmour Izzy Stradlin' (ex-GNR) Jimmy Page That would be a hell of a dinner... !
  12. Nic LP

    big crack?

    Looks like the hole was not drilled before the screw was put in...
  13. Hey thank you guys for all these replies. I get to ther conclusion that most of us has 1, but hoping for a second ! Cheers.
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