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  1. I think I'm going to go ahead and get a poker chip that matches the pickguard and rings. I'm a traditionalist at heart Thanks for the opinions, folks!
  2. I think I'm going to go ahead and get a poker chip that matches the pickguard and rings. I'm a traditionalist at heart Thanks for the opinions, folks!
  3. I'll try changing the battery. If that doesn't do it, I guess it's time for a new mouse. Thanks!
  4. It's a wireless slide about desk type mouse. Could it be caused by the batteries needing to be replaced?
  5. So I got a 2017 Gibson Les Paul Tribute T gold top the other day, and I'm purely delighted with it, which you'll know if you read my review in my "2017 Starts Today for Me" thread. Now the questions is, shall I install a poker chip to match the nice, cream pickguard and rings? Or leave it without? The pictures that I've seen of Duane Allman's gold top show it with not only the poker chip removed, but the pickguard as well. So I really don't mind the missing poker chip too much, and I like the pickguard, so that stays. What say ye, forumites? Shall I spend the big bucks and put t
  6. What the...? Why do I keep getting double posts with one submit click?
  7. I shouldn't have looked in here. I have a thing for round-shouldered, AJ-type guitars, my favorite being a Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Country Western reissue that my wife surprised me with for my 50th birthday. It's been almost a decade with that guitar and I still love it. But I've got a bunch of the round-shouldered type from various manufacturers, Epi 1964 Texan reissue, Epiphone AJ500M Masterbilt, Eastman E20SS (Another surprise from my wife. When she bought her latest mandolin, she just decided to grab the Eastman for me), and so forth. I've been wanting an old style J-35 for a while, t
  8. That's a beauty! I'm a Duane Allman fan, so I had to have a gold top. And hence the slides, especially the Coricidin bottle, though I probably use the heavy Pyrex one more than the others. Now I just have to add another Les Paul like the one that Duane traded the gold top to get, though I don't think I'd be swapping the pickups around during the trade, I hope that this new guitar of mine is what the 2017 run of the Tribute T is going to be like across the board. Man, people would snap them up. And for the price, I'd be sorely tempted to add another one with a different finish. I like
  9. Yeah, another duplicate. Connection reset, huh? Looks like it got through to me.
  10. Duplicate. Dang ol' rural Internet!
  11. OK, here comes the full report on the 2017 Gibson Les Paul Tribute T. If you can hang with this post, I'll tell you about mine as honestly as I can. And bear in mind, I'm not usually bubbling over with enthusiasm for anything. I have now set down and played the guitar pictured above for a while. First, I noticed that in regular room lighting (i.e. when you're not turning on all the lights to take pictures), this thing looks amazing. There's sort of a hint of amber in the gold top, and I love it. When the light hits it, it sort of shimmers and shines. It's a beautifully done finish an
  12. It's picture time. Behold, the 2017 Gibson Les Paul Tribute T... First of all, the money shot for Rabs... And now on to the rest of them... It came with a Gibson logo gig bag, truss rod wrench, bridge allen key, nice Gibson logo guitar strap, and of course an owner's manual and various other pieces of paper that I haven't looked at yet, although I did notice what appears to be a quality assurance check off sheet in with all the paperwork, with actual signatures instead of scribbles. I bought a new hard shell case for it as you can see. I've been
  13. Yeah, that's good advice. I've had a couple of guitars that arrived and started out worrying me but when left alone for a few days, they settled down and turned out fine.
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