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  1. Wow sweet picture man bada$$ V
  2. Wow didnt know they had so many fans! Glad to see Im not the only young fan! Haha
  3. Wow great Vs everyone! Blueburst whadda think of the feel on that Reverse V? Cabba2203 that is a lot of fine looking guitars . Great story on the white one hahaha. Yeah you can post non-Gibsons too
  4. Nice guitar man. Love it. What do you think of the feel of it? How bright can it get? Ive been lookin at these for a while and need just a little push to make me buy one haha.
  5. Nice man... Love hearin stories of inspiration
  6. Man that is one SWEET Strat. Mind me askin what model and how much it was? Haha
  7. Thats great man! But itd probly have to be made of cardboard since Slash has played em all!
  8. You got that right man. Hey Twiz/// kinda favors Stu Cook dont he?
  9. I sure do wish they were more popular. I love their music and just the rawness( is that a real word? :) ) of the bands setup.
  10. Alright everyone! Heres my baby. Now lemme see yours! Dig those moon inlays
  11. Demoon that V IS classy Yeah the covers do fit em Im pretty sure... I will try to get pics soon once I figure this site out completely haha. Everybody else post ur pics!
  12. Love it man just... love it! Bet that was a great time...
  13. Im about to get some for my Flying V and Id like to know how exactly to get em on
  14. Ok thanks. Is the Allparts one the same size as a Gibson?
  15. Anybody else wanna talk about their V's?
  16. The ceramic humbuckers which I LOVE! Gonna get some nickel covers soon tho ;) Got the title!
  17. ehh how do I do that? haha
  18. MojoRedFoot wheres that Hello Kitty Squier? Haha
  19. Well I wish there was one haha
  20. Gosh I love firebirds but theres no such thing as one on my budget haha
  21. Im new here so I was wondering if there is any kind of Flying V club or group?
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