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  1. This is posted over in AGF too...same issue it is NOT about turnarounds, the link comes up as BEST PROF GUITAR REVIEWS?????
  2. What are the chances this change is related to MONEY???
  3. But how does it sound...and feel?
  4. I had it...every now and then Gibson will run a special and offer big discount...wait to strike and you can get a deal. I had the 20 DVD set...good material with diagrams, tabs, online support. I ended up with medical issue and had to quit guitar for almost a year. I sent the program back and got full refund. Gotta give them credit they were first class and never a delay in offering a credit to my card for refund Try it...nothing to lose. Let us know what you think. Play in good health
  5. Only ONE reply since March? Where are the 'Bird supporters at least offering their view. I agree with you, it is a very SUBJECTIVE question as to what is best, what sounds best...better way is to say how they sound differently??
  6. NICE lesson...especially with TAB inc...THANKS for posting
  7. 10-4 on the JOB thing...I am now retired so your two hours per day, well apportioned seems a good starting place.
  8. 10-4 on the SOAP OPERA storyline. Pretty nice music and talent on display...like the guitars! Kinda "whiney" with some of the storyline...wears thin, but don't all soap operas? Worth the time if you are a music fan...ENJOY
  9. As many 'Birds as there are out there, I would have expected a great response...would still love to hear the discussion.
  10. MARK: I am glad that camera-work drove someone else crazy! Made me DIZZY they changed so much & WAY to often that it becomes a distraction. Otherwise it is a lovely post with quality sound.
  11. Quite a difference in PRICE between the models...I would need lots more info to even consider it.
  12. A quality program... and FREEEEEEEEEE?? If it's free, it's for me! Thanks,
  13. Beautiful! Hope she sounds as good as she looks. Count your blessings...play in good health.
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