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  1. Computer wise I still use Garageband on the mac side . I tried Mixcraft6 much like Garageband for pc its pretty good. I`ve since switched to IK Multimedia I use their I-rig and Steath plug great for both mac and pc along with their software lots of free downloads Hand held I use Zoom.
  2. I found the rotomatics a little heavy in my custom and did an easy change other than drilling the extra hole in the back it was very simple everything fit good
  3. this pretty much tells the story good luck!! I can't get a link ...?? google- es 339 pickup alignment posted by Larry Lion 06/021/2011
  4. Actually its an easy fix for the thicker pickguard .. you have to get another bridge pick up ring and block sand it to the thickness you need there's lots of room on the epi to do this it has a higher neck set this can also fix the neck pick up tilt toward the neck which is a fairly common on most of the es 339s both epi and gibson make sure you get ring for the epi not the gibson one is metric the gibson one is standard size and won't quite fit. Hope this helps
  5. congratulations on the NGD pics yes please!
  6. whirligig


    Happy NGD very nice congrats!
  7. You might what to call the 12th fret in Toronto I had a look at this one maybe it's still available Ser#01839035
  8. Which is understandable... promotion literature is a whole different thing than what actually gets into production a year later! But all said and done its amazing that they can even produce such a great value in a guitar!! I say kudos To Epi.
  9. hey hi Crow and welcome nice guitar you have! Don't think many if any made it out the door with the probuckers and all seem to have the grovers rather than the wilkinsons The best way to know what pick-ups you have is to take the four screws out of the pick up ring(neck position is easy) they are marked underneth the pick up with a silver sticker & type they are ...odds are you have the classics. Rob
  10. Happy NGD great choice they really are a great sounding guitar! excellent top also. nice that you've bonded with it as well... Congrats! Rob
  11. A total awesome sounding guitar!! I've had mine since oct 2010 and I'm very happy with it.
  12. gota love some j45 mojo heres mine
  13. not to worry they fit just fine here's my Epi 339 in my Gibson 339 case
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