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  1. John Wayne's birthplace is along I80 in Iowa.
  2. Got an extra ticket for show at royal oak music theater (friend got scheduled to work and cant get out). If you want to come its yours. Cost me 50 bucks but its yours free long as ya show up by 6pm. Supposedly because of how I bought tickets they get early access. If you can't be there by 6pm. Don't ask for the ticket, I won't wait.
  3. Anyone have any suggestions for songs that work really well with the dot or other semi hollows?
  4. Dragoro


    I am. Dragoro@gmail.com.
  5. Dragoro


    I canceled my fb account about a year ago cause of all the garbage. I love google+ though.
  6. I had a tempurpedic for a few years but it eventually started falling apart cause of the constant abuse of me moving all the time. Loved it while I had it. Now just use generic Costco matress. Tempurpedic was just way too expensive to buy another one.
  7. Asking more about sound and music styles they are meant for than specifications. Casinos are hollow I'm assuming since bridge is tied into the bottom of the guitar instead of the front.
  8. That's got tobe one of the dumbest things I've ever read.
  9. Yeah I'm sure the woman chose to be dragged through glass.
  10. Yeah cause the dogs are sooo much more important than the woman
  11. I heard cats taste great with bbq sauce.
  12. Considering Josh Homme plays en epi dot, I cant understand why someone would want to hide the fact that it's an epiphone.
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