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  1. 1960's Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Cream... nuff said. next era for me would probably the 90ies because I really got into the R&B/ Hip Hop stuff as well as Punk/ Garage Rock =p
  2. ooohhh...... List Time In no particular order Forrest Gump Shawshank Redemption District 9 <--- Top 2 Edward Scissorhands <--- Top 2 Phantom of the Opera The Sound of Music Saving Private Ryan Full Metal Jacket We Were Soldiers
  3. Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus or basically any low budget SyFy channel Original Movie.... Showdown at Area 51 was another REALLY bad one
  4. On my Strats I use Ernie Ball 10's. On my Gibson I use Cleartone 11's, but I keep packs of Ernie Ball 11's handy as well, just in case I break a string and I dont want to change all of the strings and open a new pack. Cleartone ios EXPENSIVE AS HELL. On my acoustics I always use Martin Lights (I think those are 12's, but Im not sure), however Im leaning towards using Elixir 12's just because they are coated.
  5. Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin Castles Made of Sand - Jimi Hendrix Hey Jude - The Beatles Sympathy For the Devil - The Rolling Stones For What Its Worth - Buffalo Springfield Alot more too
  6. "Im gonna put a curse on you and all of your kids will be born... completely naked" - Jimi Hnedrix "I've been imitated so well, I've heard people copy my mistakes" - Jimi Hendrix "... You lay there completely naked hoping to be clothed" - Jimmy Page
  7. What happened to Zeppelin??? Haha. Im kidding. I Love the Beatles. But in terms of pure inspiration on guitar technique, Led Zeppelin is the best (for me). Plus alot of the Beatles' songs are like "Wow... what the hell did I just listen too?" like When Im 64 or Hello Goodbye (Which I both LOVE) That's just me. Their music sounds very dated to me, no matter how much someone tells me that The Beatles are timeless. But No Hate against the fab four!!! You have to be into that era of music to like their music. RIP John and George!!!!
  8. For me.... A Les Paul Custom Black Beauty, an original VOX AC30 and a Fretted Americana Tonemonster/ Magnitone Tonemaster. That covers it although a 59 burst would be nice, just to sell and get all of the above plus more.
  9. Music has affected my life in VERY VERY positive way. I was really down and out and sort of in a depression (courtesy of all the Evil Woman I knew). One day my cousin was going to go smoke some pot, I was going to roll with him... But I said "I dont want to be that person" towards Smoking Marijuana and towards Woman. So instead I picked up the guitar. Some people turn to Drugs, food, girls, or whatever for comfort while in depression, I turn to the Gibson in the Corner of my room. No one likes feeling alone or depressed. PEACE DUDES!!!
  10. Hmmm... I also own a ES 335, EXTREMELY fast neck and low action. I guess I would setup a 339 in the same manner, as low as possible. Adjusting the truss rod and the bridge. Its a sort of trial an error process. If your 339 didnt come with a truss rod wrench, a 5/16" socket wrench, or any other kind of wrench, will work. If you dont feel comfortable doing this yourself, just hire a repair guy to do it. I would have called one, but I wanted the experience of setting up a guitar. Don't forget to intonate as well. Another thing to think about is what you're going to play on the 339. Guitars used mainly for slide guitar work have a relatively high action vs. a guitar you would be shredding on. Good Luck!
  11. How long did it take to finish the customizations? I believe you posted the length a while back, wasnt it like 2 years? Or am I waaaaaay off?
  12. ZZ Top... For me, they are probably the best Live act I've heard, in terms of pure music. Also Billy Gibbons is my favorite slide guitar player. And come on... the beards are awesome!!! I wonder what'll happen to his massive collectin of guitars when he passes... The world will become a lesser place on that day. Same with the other members.
  13. Hey guys, why are the oh so covetted '59 Les Paul Bursts so damn expensive!!! I understand that they are rare, but 700,000 dollars!!! It's absurd, I don't care if Jesus played it! I'd love to own one, don't get me wrong, but still! A 3,000 dollar LP reissue sounds just as great!
  14. Jeez. Watching that video of Jimmy playing Stairway to Heaven with Jeff and Eric was painful. I was cutting myself the entire time. He played a billion times better during the How the West Was Won and the Royal Albert Hall concerts. I guess Jimmy Page is a mortal.... next thing you know, Lil' Wayne is actually gonna start sounding good... I need a drink
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