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  1. The Music Zoo is one of the MOST reputable shops out there. I've done business with them for many years. GOOD guys! I am just curious on what it is about your guitar that got you thinking that it was possibly a fake? I've seen many fakes before and to be frank a kid could tell within 5 seconds that a particular instrument was a major phony.............jim in Maine
  2. I have ordered custom Gibsons in past years. In short NO you will NOT be able to order a Gibson with specs which are really way off the mark from what Gibson would normally produce. You would be able to have a guitar made for you with small changes but certainly NOT what you are speaking about here. The only way to go about this is to have a certified Gibson custom shop dealer contact Gibson and get a quote for you in writing in regards to what they can or can not do. Regardless it will NOT be cheap! jim in Maine
  3. jimmyl51

    First Archtop

    Take a look at Wildwood Guitars website in Louisville,Colorado. I was just out there on business as they do basically an international business. Super honest guys with just about every Gibson that is available. They actually HAVE every guitar pictured on their website in stock too! jim in Maine
  4. jimmyl51

    First Archtop

    It doesn't sound to me that you are into straightahead jazz which would indicate your interest in the 335 instrument area. I would not even consider the full thickness archtop unless $$$$ is not an issue to you. The 335 cost is bad enough financially. If you can handle the cost you can do no wrong with a 335. Gibsons are very overpriced these days so if this is your first Gibson guitar I would keep it really simple possibly looking at a used Gibson so as not to break the bank. Good luck! jim in Maine
  5. Don't mess with the L4. Mess with the L47 if you want to experiment with that pickup. Can I ask what are you looking for exactly? If this is your first foray into the archtop world I would keep things really simple at this point not messing up the more valuable instruments. jim in Maine
  6. You need to do a completed sales search on ebay. Bottom line is that the economy is still not good these days.......jim
  7. Gibson is really going down the tubes..........
  8. I for one really don't get what Gibson's point is in bringing out these oddball instruments that will most likely only appeal to collectors.......it just seems to me that Gibson is producing quite a few instruments that will never appeal nor sell to the general public which traditionally formed the basis of Gibson's market............jim in Maine now working in Denver,Colorado
  9. Does anybody here believe that this guitar will be a big seller for Gibson? Personally I don't think that it will...........jim in Maine currently working in Denver,Colorado
  10. Why can't Gibson make the darn guitar exactly like it was made in 1959? For the life of me I just don't get it. Sorry but for the amount of money that all of these guitars cost I find NO excuse on why this company can't do that very simply! jim in Maine currently working in Denver,Colorado
  11. Are these 345's strictly a UK release? jim in Maine currently working in Denver,Colorado
  12. Why for the $$ that Gibson wants for these guitars can't they get the darn volume and tone control knobs correct? For this kind of money it is NOT that much of a big deal to put the correct period correct knobs on these guitars which they currently are not doing! jim from Maine currently working in Denver,Colorado
  13. jimmyl51

    Gibson L7-C

    Did the L7c come that way with those indentations on the back of the headstock? Assuming that it did I simply cannot believe that it passed a QA inspection. If it did then that is very sad and frankly unbelievable on the part of Gibson. Also is the top of the guitar as dark as the jpeg appears? I had a '64 L7c and the top in no way was as dark as is this guitar unless the jpeg is not accurate. Can I ask you what you paid for this guitar? How is the setup i.e. does it have a nice low action to it? jim in Maine currently working in Denver,Colorado
  14. Does anybody know if there were any 355's made in '59 or '60 with a stop tailpiece on the guitar? May I ask how much an original '59/'60 355 goes for these days? jim in Maine currently working in Denver,Colorado
  15. Just curious what other guitars that you own? In other words are you having the same problem with any other guitars or just the 335? jim in Maine currently working in Denver,Colorado
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