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  1. I have a Muff fetish! Here are some of my Muff's in action. USA V9 1st edition Green Russian V7 3rd edition I have a black russian muff on my youtube channel
  2. I love my Green Russian Big Muff and Hoof fuzz pedals. I sometimes stack the two to get that Black Keys "Live at the crystal ballroom" sound. Here are some demos.
  3. I used to have one but sold it when I bought an EQD hoof fuzz. The Swollen Pickle had some very nice sounds but the hoof got me the sound I was looking for. I own several Big Muff type fuzzes.
  4. I also have one of these. Vintage fuzzy sound.
  5. Here are some of my favorite High gain fuzz boxes. EQD Hoof and Sovtek Green Russian Big Muff.
  6. A lot of music can sound dated after a while but some never sound old. What songs do you feel stand the test of time? here are a few I think do. Jimi Hendrix- Voodoo Child (I was watching the woodstock video and still can't believe it's 0ver 40 years old) Van Halen= Mean Street Rush- Tom Sawyer Led Zeppelin-Whole lotta love
  7. It might be a distortion but it does get some fuzzy sounds that you wouldn't get from most distortion pedals.
  8. I am considering purchasing a Fuzz box for that warm and Fuzzy sound of the late 60's to early 70's. After some research on the web, I have narrowed it down to these three; 1) Dunlop Fuzz Face 2) Electroharmonix Little Big Muff 3) Way Huge Electronic (Dunlop) Swollen Pickle. Do any of you guys have one of these and how do they sound. I tried out the Little Big Muff at Sam Ash with both a Les Paul and Strat. I was able to get more usable sounds with the Strat but still did get that early Sabbath sound with the Les Paul. I was hoping to try the others but they didn't have them in stock. My Father used to have the original Big Muff over 30 years ago. He used to get some pretty cools sounds with a Strat type of guitar. My Zoom G2 has a fuzz face simulator and it sounds O.K. doing some Hendrix with my Crybaby Wah. I just thought that one of these might be better.
  9. Jimmy Page is one of the greatest guitar players/song writers of all time! Sure his solos were a bit sloppy but his rhythm playing and tone are legendary. He has come up with some of the greatest riffs ever. He is also a very versatile player that incorporates many styles into his music. His acoustic playing is also very good. His ability to improvise and jam live is more interesting to listen to that hearing the same solo from Eddie Van Halen at every concert (and I'm a big EVH fan). I'm just not interested in hearing eruption for the 10000th time.
  10. Thanks. I'm going to order that book today.
  11. ZZ Top (Beer drinkers and hell raisers) Anything from the first 3 Van Halen albums.
  12. Thanks for the input guys. The backing tracks are way cool! Much of what I'm listening to is Delta blues artists like Skip James, Pink Anderson and John Lee Hooker. I've been picking up some riffs and rhythm from different songs. Once I get a little better, I'll have to work on my timing.
  13. Having my new Les Paul Studio has made me push myself to learn a lot of new songs. I've learned more songs in the past 2 months than in the past 10 years. I also want to explore different style, like the blues, jazz and bluegrass. I still loving playing rock and metal but feel that learning these styles will make me a more well rounded player. I've been listening to some John Lee Hooker and trying to pick up some riffs from that. I've also been tinkering with my equipment to get that bluesy sound. I am using a Zoom G2 pedal with the drive on the US Blues setting that goes into my Vox VT-15 and have gotten the sound just where I want it. I switch between the pickups as well. Are there any good books or websites that I can learn from? I have added a few blues licks from youtube.
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