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  1. But guys, how does an SG with P90s sound like?
  2. Thank you all for you replies! I think I 'm not going to change anything and I guess even if I do, I won't understand any difference. Thank you for your time once again, Petros.
  3. Hello people, I would like to ask if anyone knows with what potentionmeter the epiphone sg 400 comes with and also what's the difference between the 300k and the 500k? which one do you think suits better to a 498T pickup? Thanks in advance, Petros.
  4. I tried a new cable and it's exactly the same. Tomorrow I'm taking the guitar to the shop for a close look and fixing the bare wires. Thank you all for the information, Petros.
  5. I opened it and the result is that the wires are not loose but there are 2 cables without the plastic around them, they are naked. Do you think it has to do smth with it?
  6. Yes, whenever I leave the strings it becomes louder! What should I do with the cavity man? ;)
  7. Yes man, yesterday I tried the amp with an other guitar in the guitar shop and there was no such buzzing, but I also tried my guitar with a different amp and there was no buzzing there also. So not sure if I cant tell amp's or guitar's problem, maybe both of them. Now I moved away from the television and computer and it worked, the noises were way less. Any ideas what else should I do? Shall I go change something at my guitar's pluging hole? (because you spoke something about earth connection or I 'm mistaken)
  8. I 'm not sure if I can explain, it's a kind of parasite noises like "zzzzzz". The more distortion I use the louder the noises are.
  9. Hello people, I have a question and I would be thankful if you could give me some answers with this. I have big amounts of noises when I plug my sg into my marshall and turn the distortion on something that didn't happen with my ex amp. Is it because of the sg or the amp? Can I do smth to fix it maybe? Thanks in advance, Petros.
  10. Hello guys, I have an old dusty epiphone from a friend and now trying to give her life again. Changed the strings etc and now I want to do something with the fretboard because I see it's not that smooth and easy to slide. Any ideas how can I do that? For example cleaning with a special spray or something? Thanks in advance people.
  11. Hello dude I 'm not sure if it is the same problem but my sg used to have some wierd sounds on treble so I went to the guitar store he fixed it in 2 mins costed 5 euro. It must be the cables inside. good luck
  12. Hello guys, finally I upgraded my sg400 with 498T pickup in the bridge position and I want to tell you the results. I find it very aggresive in high notes while soloing and also very hot in rhythm such as some classic sabbath power chords. I got it there for over a week now and I 'm not thinking of letting my sg down for a long long time. In my opinion the best gibson pickup for an sg.
  13. Here's one for you... Which one do you suggest me for better AC/ DC sound? I 'm between 490T, 498T, EMG 81. To be installed to my SG 400 Thanks in advance!
  14. With or without the pg it looks awesome, nice colors.
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