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  1. I hope you get a good one. I ordered one from MF a couple of years ago and sent it right back. In terms of sound it was a dud. Installing the bone nut and saddle might make a difference, though.
  2. Bought an AJ200SR two years ago. First thing I did was remove the paper thin pickguard. Just used a blow dryer to soften the glue and it peeled right off. Don't overdo it with the heat, just warm it up a little.
  3. I wonder if they'd be willing to throw in a free extra set of strings and a tuner?
  4. As far as Epis go, for $500 find a nice "Inpired By Texan" or Masterbilt and you won't have to worry about upgrading.
  5. "NA"=NAtural finish. Congrats on the guitar! Post some pics, if you can.
  6. Where did you see that model #? In a listing? In a shop? Is it a reissue or an old vintage 1963? Most likely the "EJ" is just a typo and should be "AJ". If you saw the "1963 EJ-45 S" in the title of this video: http://video.aol.co.uk/video-detail/epiphone-1963-ej-45-s-guitar-demo-rockstar-supply-jordan-layne-bourland/3529417442 it's a typo. That's the 1963 AJ45 Reissue he's playing.
  7. If you want a hotter, more electric like you can get with the EJ160E go with a P90 or P100 pickup in the soundhole. Where you put the controls is up to you. I just thought it would look cool with them mounted on the top. Some others here can give you good pickup recommendations for a more natural, acoustic sound.
  8. I don't think so. Perhaps there was a Japanese Elite or Elitist EJ200 from the 90s? One of those would be very desirable.
  9. These were made in Korea in the 1990's and no longer in production. Laminated top. Today's equivalent would be the AJ100. Here's some more specs: http://www.elderly.com/items/20U-7283.htm
  10. Many of the Beatle-purist EJ160E and J160E players at BeatGearCavern.com recommend Pyramid flat wounds. I have my J160E strung with regular phospher bronze 12s as it is a solid top and play it mainly acoustically.
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