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  1. For me, When you walk in the Room & Needles & Pins. Both by the Searchers. Also, Del Shannon stuff like Runaway & Little town Flirt. I'm really heading way back to "happy tunes" these days I guess. Aster
  2. I really like my Weber Mass 100 (older style red one). Really works well on my Fender Blue Deluxe that blows the windows out of the house. But I don't play in a sound proof room and with mouse ears on either. Aster
  3. Nice looking ride Steve!!! Only thing I went out a bought was a Toolbox Caddy on wheels (for us to use at work)and some ammo. I'm sure a controversial thing here. I went out an looked at this and was getting sucked into "ya, I need it" and then I remembered I may only have 3-4 years of riding left in me and we're wanting to build a 2nd home to move to in a few years out west. I walked out before I said "why not, ya only live once" and I think I'm glad of it. I still think "I NEED IT" however. [biggrin] Had a great price going on this beauty as well.
  4. I've kinda wanted an archtop to play with for several years. If these sound & play as nice as they look I can see adding one. Might have to do a NATURAL finish as I have enough VS color gits. Prolly have to do the bigger boy size wise. Aster
  5. There aren't any Epi archtops that are just acoustic are there (no electric pup)? I'd look into one of those but just don't need anymore electrified acoustics. I've taken the saddle pups out of most all my Gibsons (saved them of course, but never plug them in) all but the Fuller J-160E of course!!! Aster
  6. Thoughts & Prayers out to Rob with the post-op recovery!!! Eat your Ice Cream & Jelly if that's what they say you need. Don't know what I'd ever get to eat with No Dairy, Gluten, and ... (too long a food list these days). Hope you start feeling great Rob without your foe Mr. G. Bladder. Aster
  7. Hayden, I've been in & out so much with work. How are you doing now? Are you thru with any body remodels and such and and how did things turn out? Hope all is well with you too! Aster
  8. Keep talking to us as, at least on this thread I believe, ALL thoughts & emotions are fair game w/o any undies getting into a bunch. If someone doesn't want to hear about things that are troubling one or another of us, then they can just avoid opening the thread and that's that!! Everyone's welcome but I for one ain't a-gonna worry about if someone doesn't like hearing about something that is a big bump in the road for one of our forum members suffering in any way. Aster
  9. Rob, as we said, things are always rough with the lost. Never forgotten or lost from our hearts, but just less & less pain as the time moves forward. My thoughts & prayers to you & family to be blessed with help to fill your hearts void with her love. She's never gone then. God Bless you and yours and get better. Take good care of yourself now. You've done all you can for your Mum and did a fine job. Aster
  10. IMHO they both do a good job for what they are for & cost. But that being said, NO COMPARISON in sound to me. I have both EPI Dove & Bird and Gibson Dove & Bird. Like all 4 of them and like said, I grab the Epi Dove to play most of the time. Just for my 2-5 songs before I head to work or after work before the rest of things on the list to do. Also, take the Epi Dove in the RV. But everyone both are previewed for says the same. The Gibson's just blow the Epi away in sound. And they better. I still play the Epi Dove prolly the most, but I long for the Gibson often when I do. Aster
  11. Hi Retired, Happy Birthday a little late to you!!! Did I read somewhere that you live in Iowa too? Maybe I was just dreaming again. Happens a lot these days. Aster
  12. I know exactly where you'd be if I didn't have my good girl too. You'd be sitting right next to me on the "We're in deep do-do bench" We may have some squabbles from time to time, mostly about who's overworking the most w/ Job, but I wouldn't want to be w/o her!!! Hope your Mum can get some appetite back. A simple thing that seems to get lost easy and causes great troubles. God Bless! Aster
  13. Prayers for you all & your dog friend too JayinLA!! I hope it doesn't come to that for you all and is something easy treatable (and afforadable) too. Been there & done that. Take care & let us know how things are going. Hope it is a happy outcome for you all!! Aster
  14. Like Digger was saying, We're all glad that you AREN'T having any trouble LP!!! Sometime, somewhere, rain falls on us all. When it does, it's just nice to have a friend or even a stranger, say simply "Hang On, and it will be okay" I believe. Life is good, but Life is Life. That includes some crap shoveling with all the flower pick'n but it works out. Aster
  15. Didn't want to forget B Blues Player either. Thoughts and prayers for the seizures to resolve & challenges with the meds Blues!! God bless! Aster
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