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  1. It's my opinion that if you want the real deal, pay up! I just bought one of these guitars a week ago, and really dig the vibe of it. There are so many differences in the Gibby and Epi', why even get into it. You have to wonder, if John were still alive, would all these endorsments be happening anyway? Maybe signing one for an auction for a good cause every now and then, perhaps. I don't think Lennon himself, was all that materialistic! The guitar play's very well, though I have to change to .011's the original set are a bit much for my liking. It might change the character of the guitar,
  2. I've got the Dano, plus a BOSS DS-1 which on the lower setting's isn't bad. The best that works for me, is the gain in my AD30VT VOX on the AC30,15 models. I can get that " Dig A Pony " type growl that is so COOL IMO. Otherwise, I stay pretty clean with the Casino, one of my favorite guitars. As noted before, a dash of reverb to open it up a bit, that's all - Heaven!!!
  3. Try out the Grover #136N set, just put them on my Riviera. I had to enlarge the hole, but you won't have that problem. Same screw pattern as the Klusons, with the vintage buttons, also 14-1 ratio too...
  4. Get RED!!! My only reason for not taking my own advise, is the fact I've got three red Epi's already. A Wildkat pictured here, a Dot, and last but not least - my Riviera. So I got the Casino in natural, maybe down the road. Who know's? Oh! By the way, Red 333. I love Aimee Mann! She's also in my height range. Again, maybe down the road.......
  5. I'll have to work on that when I get back. Heading for Jacksonville to see my son's band at the Freebirds Live. He's one of the guitar players in A Fall To Rise. Be back Saturday, so I'll try to find my photo bucket account info, lost when I hooked up my new DELL. Check them out! http://www.myspace.com/afalltorisemusic
  6. Just wanted to let you all know that I installed the Grover 136N tuners last nite, and the guitar is pretty much balanced out as I hoped. Reamed out the holes in back of the headstock to 25/64th's with tapered reamer, plus a half inch depth with a straight reamer. They lined right up like the originals, perfect fit... Very Cool!
  7. I put the B70 on my Riv' a while back. It made the guitar unbalanced for playing with out a strap. Very body heavy with the Kluson style tuners. I just ordered a set of Grover vintage 136N machines with hope it will offset the condition. The guitar looks cool as hell though! The B6 won't work due to the lack of angle at the bridge. The guitar just doesn't have enough height at the top of the arch, pretty much a straight line. To easy for the strings to pop off the bridge saddles. Also the guitar seems alot heavier over all as well... Hope this helps you out!
  8. It's just a heavy metalic red.... Wouldn't sell it for world!!!
  9. My original intent was save on money and buy the WildKat, but I eventually got a Natural Casino. The most inspiring guitar in a group of thirteen at the moment. The Kat is pretty versatile, and one of my favorites, but for writing..... The Casino!!!
  10. Just something to contemplate. The B7 is a heavy sucker, and will make the guitar unbalanced, I put one on my Riviera which I regret sometimes due to the weight, and change of tone. The Riv' had this nice airy sound similar to the Casino with the trapeze tailpiece, although the B7 gave it a little more sustain, I kinda' wish I never messed with it. I've mean't to put a set of Grover tunamatics on it to try to counter balance the weight, but haven't got to it yet. Maybe someone with the B7 already installed can give you more insight. I think I'll just leave my Casino as is, though very cool
  11. I've got the both the '60 Strat and '50s vibe Tele, both great little guitars. infact I sold my Fender Powerhouse Strat to get them both. The Powerhouse paled in comparison to both IMO. Fender has raised the price on both to $350 per. My opinion is that Epi' needs to raise the bar a little to compete, and I currently own eight Epi's. My last, an '08 MIC Casino, though really nice, the finish and electronics are better in the Squiers...
  12. OK! The trick with evening out the volume is the volume control between the presets and your settings. Then use the master for you overall volume. The trick with these thing is also reading the manual, plus playing with it. I had just bought a Celestion tube 10 for giggles, and put the Eminence right back in. It just broke up to easliy. The Eminence RamRod for me did the trick! Another trick is bring the master all the way up, then lower the overall output with the attenuater. One last thing, the higher the db rating, or senseativity rating of the speaker will affect the volume too. The db
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