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  1. P-90s. Anything else would be meddling with the primal forces of nature, and I won't have it!!!
  2. I wouldn't bid on a black lefty Casino, 'nuff said. Your Elitist is probably not actually an Elitist but a MIJ Casino made for the Japanese market. It has an orange label and a 5 digit serial number, correct??? These were made by Terada, the same factory that makes the Elitist. Production began around 1988, Elitist in 2002. Elitist would have a serial # on the back of the headstock beginning with the letter T (for Terada), as well as the Elitist logo. Either way, they're excellent guitars. Welcome to the camp...
  3. Yes' date=' the original 1960s Rivieras had minis, but the Japanese models made around the early '80s had full sized buckers. The original Korean reissues like yours also had standard humbuckers, but somewhere around the early 2000s they went back to minis like the originals and the Elitist Rivieras. The current models have 3 P-90s or P-94s (humbucker sized single coils). Rivieras with minis are available in Europe, hopefully they'll be available in the States in the not too distant future. Hope I didn't confuse you too much. Riviera Limited Edition at Thommann
  4. There's the answer!!! You just changed a major element of your rig, I would take the time and explore all it's possibilities. After a while, you can consider swapping pups. No doubt in my mind that you can improve the Dot with better pups, but I think you need to find the tone you're looking for. There's Duncan P-Rails, Gibson Dirty Fingers, TV Jones, DiMarzio PAFs, GFS Mean 90s... All fine pickups but all different. And then to complicate matters more, each pickup will sound different depending on the guitar. But since you mention the vintage ES-335, Gibson '57 Classics or Dunc
  5. Put the pickup back on, and play the damn guitar. And don't attempt anymore repairs!!!
  6. Investing??? If you mean increasing the value of the guitar, no. You seldom recoup the cost of the upgrades. If you like the guitar and plan to keep it, then changing pickups could be an option IF you're not happy with the way it sounds. But you have to have an idea what kind of tone your looking for, you can't ask other people. I have no idea what kind of music you play, what kind of amp you have, what pedals you use... I can tell you what pickups I like, but it might not fit your needs.
  7. Nicely done, the combination of gold hardware and cherry finish look great. One more thing, I think a Gibson style pickguard would add to the look.
  8. That's lame. You don't need an official serial # to make a counterfeit. All you have to know is the pattern like this: EE07120765 I just made that up, run it through the serial # decoder and it will tell you: Your guitar was made at the Qingdao Plant (Epiphone), China December 2007 Production Number: 0765 Just for fun, let's change EE to R: Your guitar was made at the Peerless Plant, Korea December 2007 Production Number: 0765 I just moved it to Korea!!! Counterfeiters don't need to trick anyone into giving them a real #, all they have to do is make one up
  9. That is a beauty. Their little blurb pretty much confirms what Blue Book says about the finish: "Never out of production since the Beatles made them famous in 1964. Sir Paul still records with his almost exclusively. This is the only Vintage Sunburst lefty I've ever seen. Epiphone stopped making Casino leftys a couple of years ago. Most of the leftys in the last 5 years of production were natural finish. This one is in new condition. No bumps, scrapes, scratches, or dings. Still one of the great guitars." — Jerry Welch
  10. So was my Ibanez ATK-300: Fantastic bass IMO.
  11. Thanks. Have you seen any lefty sunbursts post 2003??? Blue Book claims they only make current lefty Casinos in natural.
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