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  1. hey redrighthand! There is something like 1/4" between the top oh the headstock and the bottom. I didn't try to pull of the Thomann logo, which I also don't like so much, yet. :) Besides, I like this case, but it does not fit perfectly, if it's one of your concerns.
  2. pots diameter is smaller than switchcraft switch. Depends on what killswtich you want to use. Switchcraft switch diameter: 7/16" and CTS pot dia: 5/16"
  3. Hey, Thanks!!! I also have a '64 Coronet and though I know it's 46 years older, it's sounds more open and sharper. So in order to know if I could enhance the Wilshire sound to something closer to my vintage Coronet, I was wondering if anyone owns both a vintage Wilshire (61-62) and a Reissue and/or have any experience to share. :)
  4. TOTALLY. it's "bassey/muted/dark sort of tone" yet bright. A compressor could help, I haven't thought about it. I've tried the treble booster + bridge tone at 5 with no satisfaction. Got to keep in mind it's a recording so it must depend a lot on the way it was mic-ed and mixed. I like this thread cause I'm learning a lot of things as using the tone pot intentionally. :)
  5. Sure!!! i even already push it to 9, crazy me :D. But I think it's way too far from Beano's tone. :) (if you're talking about preamp) (and if you're talking about the master volume...) I also used it for gigs, and the master volume goes pretty higher. I'll bring it to next rehearsal so I could see what's the sweet spot is about. :) (can't play higher here, at home.) What about yours? You just got it for a week, right?
  6. Hey Guys, here's another attempt to catch the Beano sound with the Jet City. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhiUmAzl7BM
  7. OK! so "the Stumble" is another song from Freddie King right?
  8. Despite all the good I think of the amazing flash playing of Gary Moore, it nearly sounds like a cheesy yet very well played parody to me. This feel is probably due to the fact I'm now trying to learn Clapton's lick and sound, which seem so pure to me now. Anyway, I guess when you play Blues schemes it's something that can happen, or this could simply be a tribute. Who knows...
  9. Hey thanks! I kinda figured out that's hard picking on B string, hard enough to make the g string ring, pretty much like the kid does it. :) The Kid Does it pretty good! I was about to post a vid before you answered! Here it is unplugged, and with a so wrong rhythm I'll try something with the Jet City tomorrow in daylight ^^
  10. Correct. But I meant Chinese FAKES would need to improve a lot before they could fool the Gibson fan, and if anyone doubts, there's a GIBSON website with details on features, hardware, any informations anyone can read see and learn to recognize. Besides, some Japanese Copy could fool me at first glance.
  11. Tokai, Greco, Burny, to name a few did so much better in the eighties. Please be aware of what you like in a genuine Gibson, and you will never be fooled, unless counterfeiters learn how to make a real Gibson. (you can practice here: http://totallylookslike.icanhascheezburger.com/ )
  12. Large studs on tune o matic, script on toggle switch washer and sparkly gold top, and thick lacquer (probably poly) pointy cutaway horn, cream back plates, multi pieces neck heel, no fret binding etc.. So many ways to spot it as not legit.
  13. I left "Steppin' out" to learn "hide away". And I need help! At 0:33, there's something going on. :D the triplets sound like fast finger picking but 'slowhand' does it too fast for me. I've tried plenty of tricks but I just can't sound like this. I've youtubed for 20 minutes and didn't find anyone that can make it sound like Clapton. Any ideas?
  14. I friend just trade his Wilshire Ri 62 with my vintage 67. Pics and sum-up to come. :) here's something to wait:
  15. Hey Thanks! I really got to learn this lick and play it in time. Damned shuffle... Anyway, I love this Jet City head. I've tried it with a night train Vox Cab which was definitely weak and boxy, an Orange ppc112 cab, much stronger but to my surprise still very boxy, both were nice at home but terrible at rehearsal. I've played on a Marshall 410 which was HUGE and sounds incredibly good with my band, and finally found the right balance I need with the blackstar ht112 cab, a nice open but warm sound, I can bring all by myself and gigable. I still prefer my Cornford Roadhouse 30, but what I
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