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  1. Here you go: Lp Proto 01 Lp Proto 02 Lp Proto 03 Lp Proto 04 Lp Proto 05
  2. I'm gonna scan it, so you can see. :)
  3. The Les Paul Legacy Book 1 reveals a lot of details about the Les Paul guitar genesis with tons of pictures and geek details. According to this book, the neck pickup on Mary Ford's Goldtop was a DeArmond Gretsch Dynasonic. D'you have links of the vids you're talking about? Here are some pics for reference, that shows Les Paul had several prototypes he mod. BTW, In the same book, there are some pictures of one of the earliest LP prototype with a different neck joint and a florentine cutaway.
  4. Sometimes I whish I could live in America. :( There's so many good guitars there...
  5. Yeah. Unlike most people I know, I admit my very first criteria for gas is the look of the guitar. I don't need a 3hb guitar. But I really can imagine me with the white custom. Go figure. :) Besides, though it's an excellent idea, I couldn't use the rotary pot.
  6. You're right. And again I think you were right before (with the youtube vid :D ). It won't break just like that anyway, even if adrenaline on stage can make you do things you won't think you'll do.. anyway. I came too late on both SG custom auctions, and they both been sold for 1500€. So now I'm holding my breath until another good price shows up. (Damned!) Besides there's a neat Ebony SG3 for sale at a decent price. Apart from the standard finish and the rotary switch, I can't see any other major difference with the custom. Do the Custom sports Honduran Mahogany ? BTW, I've read most of the pages of this topic trying to find answers, and I've seen the sg3 singlecoil routing picture. It has a long tenon (that still differs from the 60's SG Custom wider long tenon) and it is routed for humbuckers (or it does really look like it is), so mduke22 should be able to mod his guitar to 3HBs with no harm :)
  7. Hahaha! harmful effects of a camera...
  8. According to the 'warning' friend, it's all about the neck joint. Anyway my gas is stronger than advices. The problem is that I have no choice but buying one online. It's not the kind of guitar you see here in shops.
  9. I'm gasing to death for a White custom, but a friend who knows a bit about guitars - especially those you bring on stage - told me the SG custom is probably one of the most beautiful Gibson model, but also the most breakable. He also told me the last decade models were built stronger. Any thoughts?
  10. Thank you guys, now I'm seriously in the market for one. Anyway, I was wondering if there always been long tenons on SG Custom. There's a 1987 and a 1998 ri for sale, and though some would'nt care about this, I do, in a crucial way.
  11. Thanks again mate!

    the tuning is: DAGDAD

    With this tuning you can pick wrong it will still sounds cool ^^'

  12. I'de be glad to listen to them anyway. :)

  13. Hey you're very welcome!and thanks for your comment on my vid. Let's say I feel the need to play at least 2 or 3 chords to be able to talk about guitars as something else that decorative furnitures. Some don't need that :)

  14. I did the trick on sold a Burny copy. I think it's a very fine way to enhance your 3pu sg. This topic makes me gas for one. I'm in need of a white one.
  15. Thanks!

    I always dig the Fernandes Ravelle shape, but playing Gibson guitars kind of puts the level too high. Besides I think Fernandes brand is only focused on metal players.

    So that's it, I ask the Luthier a Gibson level guitar with the ravelle shape :)

  16. This is a Fernandes Ravelle inspired guitar with basically Gibson Les Paul Junior Specs made by a friend luthier.

    This vid I made says it all:


  17. I'd loved it if I the mounting posts spacing was the same as the stock abr1
  18. All suggestions were very instructives. But I'll keep the jerrymac one, for its simplicity and effectiveness, even though it means modifying it definitively.
  19. Unlike Les Paul common stop bar, there's no hole for the strings to pass through it but notches to lock the strings. Those notches are at the down side of the stop bar, and if you want to wrap the strings under, you need the notches to be on the upper side. Hence the whole discussion about flipping drilling and milling.
  20. Awesome 3D CG Musikron! It looks so real it looks like a true notebook! Joke aside, I think that to make the idea work, I would need to change the TOM for a TonePro with locking studs. The string tension is to strong for the tom to stay in place, I think. This means modify the guitar. Did I miss something?
  21. Thanks Jerrymac! This looks so easy.. I'm waiting for Musikron "old school graphics" though
  22. Thank you guys for taking some time to think about this little problem. :- Jerrymac> Honestly, after some bigsby study, I thought of something just like that too. There's an empty room at the bottom of the tremotone fixed base, and I thought I just might add an "omega" bar*. I've finally left the idea because I can not figure out how to find such a device. What you suggest is a little different and sounds pretty neat. PS>I never heard of MATTHIAS STURM, but I'm listening to his myspace songs right now, and it's excellent! for some reason it reminds me of a Dutch band called Daryll Ann. Musikron> I think I don't understand your solution! (lack of imagination? ) - But I swear I want to! (I'm always very sensible to the TOTALLY REVERSIBLE side of your suggestion) Could you explain it differently - so a french guy that learnt english with comics books and google could understand?
  23. And please read the 2 first pages. Page 1, post 5. Again. You'll understand the strings don't pass through the stop tailpiece, but around it.
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