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  1. i may be wrong here, but perhaps a simple change of a toggle switch would help?
  2. they shouldve made it a full size explorer with the same features as the LP. probably would be a more expensive, but that thing just looks like a toy.
  3. i have one and like it. i dont play acoustic all that much so i couldnt really say how it compares to others, but it sounds good, plays pretty nice. i dont use it plugged in though because i dont have and acoustic amp. no complaints here
  4. here's a video of mr. waters demonstrating what this thing can do. sounds great
  5. i have the SG EX w/ emg's. its a great guitar, dont get me wrong, but it sounds about like my other sg with dimarzio's in it, not quite as good actually, and isnt nearly as versatile. pretty much the only thing keeping me from selling it is i like having 24 frets for when i need them (not just saying that, i have needed them). the jeff waters has the 24 frets plus what sound like pretty good pups, plus the kill swtch and coil taps, so thats a couple of extra features i dont have. plus im itching for a pointy guitar
  6. i like it. id like to try out the pups first though to make sure its not just epi pups with Jeff waters name on them. sounded real good on the vid epi put up though. i might would trade in my prophecy for this one since it has 24 frets. kill switch would be kinda fun too. i just dont like the 1 volume control.
  7. no im using the sg with dimarzio's. i put an evolution in the bridge and humbucker from hell in the neck' date=' and i can get some good cleans from the neck. im pretty sure the HB from hell was made to sound like a single coil without the hum (but it definately has a lot more bite to it). its no jazz box but roll off the volume and it sounds pretty dern good. and i just realized i put that im 14. forgot i had a birthday last year...
  8. well lets see here... im 14, my main guitar is a epi 66 SG with dimarzio pickups. also use another epi sg with emgs and a modifiied squier strat. mostly play old school thrash and british metal and classic hard rock. also some softer classic rock, some blues, and i play in our school jazz band. right now using a crate 65 watt which im dying to upgrade from
  9. i woulndt try it the black on the bridge on my epi sg has scraped off from a screwdriver when i adjusted the action and intonation
  10. im considering smoothing down the finish on my sg to a more satin finish, but im afraid it will lighten the finish too much, and i really like the deep red it is now, i just wish it wasnt quite so shiny. i did this to my old strat (also red) and it made it quite a bit lighter, even looks a bit pink in the right light, but i like it on the strat. im a sucker for cherry sg's though. i also didnt polish the finish on the strat after i did it, so that may have made a slight difference in color. has anyone done this and arer you pleased with the results? btw all i did to the strat was take some
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