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  1. I haven't made any changes to this "Epi Slash Les Paul" or my "Gibson Les Paul Traditional". Even the both are Les Paul's, there are differences... Epi Slash has weight relief. LP traditional weight a ton. Epi Slash has much hotter Seymour Duncan pickups than Gibson '57 Classics in Traditional. Epi Slash has "Orange Capasitors", but I don't know what they do. Maybe something to sound. Epi Slash has "Slash neck profile", which I like better than 50's neck in Traditional. Gibson Traditional has a Bigsby, Epi Slash don't have it. I'm not an professional, but I like both Les Paul's. The
  2. I have #38. Yes, the Premium Outfit comes with the strap. But I'd be more disappointed if the signature or COA was missing. I'm glad it was the strap, if anything...
  3. You are lucky! :) I bought Epi Anaconda Outfit on summer. Everything else was in the package except the strap. I never got the strap, but I'm happy that I got Epi Les Paul with the Slash signature.
  4. Good luck! I search my Gibson ES-355 (Antigue Cherry Red) with Maestro for years.
  5. I have # 38. I will never sell it. If I compare it to my Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty with Bigsby - the quality is the same. I think only difference is the price and the brand label. Well, "S-D Slash pickups" are hotter than Gibson classics, so it depends what kind of sound you are looking for. I like variety in my guitar collection.
  6. About month ago I bought an Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Slash Les Paul Standard PRO Premium Outfit with full price. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/140306-signed-2018-epiphone-le-slash-les-paul-standard-pro-premium-in-aaa-acanonda-burst/page__view__findpost__p__1945251 On a day when I bought it, at home I looked at the guitar from the Epiphone's Internet page and find out that the guitar was missing a Slash guitar strap. I asked from the dealer about it and they contacted to the distributor. Today I got answer - they can't deliver a Slash guitar strap to me, because there aren't any spares
  7. Much less. I have 9 guitars. I have my dream guitars.
  8. I was looking, if there is a candid camera somewhere near, but I didn't find it...
  9. I'm not an expert, only hobbyist - but if I compare this Epiphone Les Paul and Gibson Les Paul Traditional, that I have. The first thing I notice is the weight. That's because the Traditional don't have weight relief. I think the quality is the same. My Gibson is black, so I cannot see the wood. But the Epiphone's AAA top is stunning with the green Anacondaburst. Playability is the same. I can't feel any difference between Gibson neck and Slash custom neck. Action is the same and I believe these factory strings are the same kind of 10's I have in my Gibson (I use Ernie's). About the pi
  10. I was just visiting in my local music store today and I came home with this... I really didn't expect to see signed guitar here in Finland. I'm still trying to recover from this surprise.
  11. Thanks guys! There is something magical about white Flying V indeed... FZ Fan already "guess" why I have dream of this guitar for many years. Probably the guitar strap was a good clue. ;-) Also I like 80's Accept and Anthrax, so... white V is obvious choice. I have been playing this guitar about week now. It's really something that you can't put down. Maybe I find my other guitars some day, but now it is time for V.
  12. :lol: (Now I have to clean coffee from my keyboard...)
  13. I bought a Gibson Flying V HP 2017 yesterday. Guitar is pleasant surprise itself, but in the guitar case there was another small surprise, which made me smiling. Technician has took a photo of the guitar, when it has been checked and put the photo in the case. I have bought many new guitars, but I never got a photo - not with my Les Paul or Custom Shop ES-355. Guitar setup was perfect right out of the box. No buzz, action is low, easy to play... neck and body joint is really smooth and the strap button is out of the way. "Undercut" frets are really quality stuff and Dirty Fingers+ pickups
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