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  3. Too bad about you guys having reliablity problems. I have two lightly modded VJr. heads, ver. 3, and have had zero problems. They get used alot and are stone reliable. I love'em. Here's a tune I did with one of the heads through a line out I installed on the amp. Rhythm is full volume and highest gain setting. Lead has an Ibby TS9 and an Ibby Weeping Demon Jr. wah set as a fixed wah. http://superrick.bandcamp.com/track/plead
  4. Hey Fred, lookie here at this thread. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/50763-valve-juniorsenior-1x12-cabinet-parallel-jack/page__p__686101__fromsearch__1#entry686101 Its so easy a chimp can do it.
  5. I have two VJr's that are lightly modded and I love 'em. I have played the Blues Custom and I really like it! I have also played the SoCal and really dig that to. So why isn't Epiphone pursuing their amp line more? Seems like they just barely get enough attention to keep them going. With so many other amp companies that appear to be doing well and introducing new amps it seems like Epiphone just isn't going to expand their amp line to compete. Yeah, they introduced the VSr and Hot Rod VJr. Nice but................meh. Just seems like Epiphone amps get very little attention from Epiphon
  6. Check out http://www.vintagekramer.com/
  7. Thanks. It was a 10 second setup job but they came out alright. I'm as far from being a tube snob as can be but I have yet to have a single problem with both VJrs that I have. Three years and zero problems. One has around 600 hours use and the other closer to 400. As a matter of fact I have never had a problem with any amp I have had or have. Tube or ss. That said, the TransTube amps are quite nice.
  8. I made some Valve Jr. clips for folks who might be interested in a small tube amp that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. They sound very authentic on my computer. Your computers speakers will have the biggest impact on the true sound. Feel free to download the clips and listen on real equipment. http://superrick.bandcamp.com/album/valve-jr
  9. Well said! I think alot of folks love to use the 'sell out' term to justify their dislike of a certain band or genre of music. Its the easy way. Its the puss way to create a aura that you know best what real music is or isn't. And yup, its folks on forums like this that love to create that image of 'no it all-ism'. Who wants a band that puts out the same stuff everytime? You just have to take the good with the bad. Yeah, go play for gramma if you want to keep it oh so real.
  10. I love playing loud. I like to feel the sound as much as hear it. WHen I do play loud I do wear my head gear much like Paul Gilbert does. But I only play loud when my wife and kids aren't home. When they are home I play quitely with an attenuator on the Epi's or the master volume down on my ME50 with the 22 Calibers.
  11. those are some nice kramers!

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