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  2. Do I detect a hint of a "Formula1 Fan" there Peter??
  3. I have to say... That I agree with Jim, I ordered a Gator Case for my Dot and I can't praise it enough, it's the business and all for £69 notes too! Again, If I wanted the official Epiphone case I'd have to wait an unlimited amount of time, whereby the Gator was here in three days! Can't complain at that, in fact I'm thinking of getting one for the Sheraton as the one supplied is a little dog eared but only when funds are allowed....
  4. ..........and maybe the right part of the forum Pete?? :) Whad'ya think?? :)
  5. 28v6r


    THANK FECK!!!! Y'know.... here's me feelin' as welcome as fart in a space suit about this topic, I thought I was the only one that did this or rather was "made feel like I was"... and then you all come out!! I knew I wasn't the only one that did it I mean its all in the quest of saving good wood, environmental an' all that ( and because we luv our guitars!!!) at least that's my excuse.... Thanks guys! :-)
  6. 28v6r


    LMAO!!! The hardest part is when the Mrs finds out..... but the way I saw it was too good an opportunity to get one of these babies and I luv it!!
  7. Okay, First up, the Secret Guitar Acquisition Syndrome happened! I got what I was looking for at a good price. Its a 1990 Samick built Sheraton (according to the sticker on the back! lols) anyway shes been used, not abused just used there's no buckle rash, no dents or dings or chips and she's in overall good cond. However, the goldplating is a little tired and in need of rework or replacement. So my question is where do you obtain Epiphone gold covers?? The last time I tried this was for my Black Beauty and thinking that Gibson & Epiphone covers were the same I made the mistake of or
  8. .....with a hint of "Two Lane and Black top" in there....(Film)
  9. A Couple of questions: Does the Pick guard off a Dot fit a Sheraton? and.. Is there a Black pick guard available for a Sheraton as I don't like the tortoise shell guard? Any photos of a Sheraton with Black pick guard??
  10. :- [blink] Feck Me! That's 27.5 cases in the room!! That equates to at least £1600 worth of cases!! A lot of Dosh, a lot of protection going on in there! Me' I've just added two to my collection (Xmas money) and about to get a severe nut kicking of the missus! 4 are in cases and the other 5 stand in a guitar rack with a drape over them - although I heard that you can get fleece lined guitar covers as no to damage the paint etc is that true ??? If so I may consider one of them. Min are at atmospheric tem as the house is always warm, but are kept away from radiators etc. P.S The .5
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X80Qjh9Yivs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qj6Q22dtMTM
  12. Hee....Hee..... Well that shortened what I was diplomatically gonna try and say.... Lols!
  13. ****GROAN*** Don't in 2-3 weeks reinvent the "Is my ******* A Fake" Thread. But on the upside, WELCOME to the GT owners Club!!! Great Aquisition though, Enjoy!!
  14. If your looking for a particular Goldtop then may I suggest this with all the growl and snarl you'll want and it can come with Bigsby as standard. I've looked at one of these and they get a good review.... http://www.gretschguitars.com/gear/index.php?product=G5238&cat1=&cat2=&q=&st=1
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