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  1. Thanks for your reply! I forgot I posted this question. Turns out the nut had real bad slot cuts ... they were too narrow. I bought some stew mac nut tools and fixed the problem. Also, I found a genuine Gibson 'Legendary' P-90 for the bridge and purchased a new SD Antiquity pup for the neck. Sorry Epiphone, the epi pro pups were not doing it for me however, the instrument is now a life long keeper and will never be tuned out of open GšŸ˜€
  2. I've always wanted a Gibson ES-125TDC so, I decided to buy a new Epiphone ES-125TDC. It really is a well constructed beautiful instrument but the D, A and low E strings are always 'thuddy' and dull sounding. Using 10-46s Gibson, D'Addario and a few other brands - I can no longer blame string brand. Next, I replaced the standard wooden bridge with a US made ABR-1. No luck ... same problem. I'm hoping you folks can save me the expense of a trip to a luthier so I come asking you about the nut. As long as I've been in the Gibson guitar game, I've never heard of a 'Delvin" nut material. Is it a quality nut material? Maybe I should replace this nut with bone (my personal favorite). Bottom line is, are any of you having the same problem with a Delvin nut in your Epiphones?
  3. I got me one of these brand new babies a couple months ago. Just wondering what you think of it ? Honestly, I'm on the fence about it. I expected a lot more from the "ProBucker" P-90s. Even though there are current concert videos of George using her, I have to think the guitar had to have undergone an electronic makeover for George. My amps are a VibroVerb, Super Reverb, Twin and 100W Marshall ... none of which give me the tones I'd like to capture. AND, no, it's got nothing to do with George's finger work. Aside from that, the instrument is a beautiful piece of architecture. One more thing ... I also own an Epi John Lee Hooker Zephyr. Those Mini ProHumbuckers ROCK!!No need to sub them for Gibson minis!
  4. Same thing on my EPI Brodway .... switch was 50/50 on whether it would engage bridge pickup. I swapped it out with a new one from Allparts ... works fine now.
  5. Hey ... FEDEX just dropped off my new slide guitar. Everything s' absolutely perfect on this baby except for one curiousity ... are Epiphone PRO P-90 pickups the same size as the Gibson P-90s? I'd rather not disassemble something to find out things won't work. While I'm at it, has anyone had the opportunity to compare Epiphone Pro P-90s with regular Gibson USA P-90s?
  6. Here's one for ya ... my '98 Broadway is acoustically louder than my dreadnaught Masterbilt (2009). I can hardly wait to do some tracking with this baby. Gonna start the Jazz lessons from that online Belgium company in a day or two. I hate doing the online thing ... wish they sold books. Gypsy Jazz is where I'm headed.
  7. Absofrickenlootly gorgeous! I am proud to have joined your family!
  8. Hey Guys, Thank you for the info y'all have provided ... it is with great appreciation!! Sorry, I don't wanna sell the pickguard :>) I am astounded that this instrument feels and plays as good as my 2013 ES-335 Dot RI Figured etc etc etc - I didn't say sounds as good but, I actually may prefer the feel of this Broadway. One more thing before I give the seller a 5-star rating ... There is not a thing at all on the back of the head stock. It is as clean and empty as can be. Is this how your late 90's Broadways were? The pickups are stock and sound pretty darn good. I have a pair of gold Seth Lovers I thought I'd stuff in but me thinks I'll wait awhile. I play through super reverb reissues and a peavey delta blues 2x10 loaded with a pair of celestion golds. Both amps are a blessing with this Broadway. Finally, can you steer me to a high end tuner to replace the stock ones where I DO NOT have to drill new holes for mounting screws? Direct replacements are what I seek. After this, I won't bug you anymore except for posting pics and sound clips next week when time off hits. Thanks!!!
  9. Yes, I should've mentioned I found this identifier on this site. Again, my concern is the space between the 2 groups of four digits. In all these serial numbers, there are none with the space breaking up the sequence. Hence, my concern. Thanks for taking the time though!
  10. I just rec'd my 'new' 1998 Epiphone Broadway. It was described by the seller as in 'excellent condition' but I have to say it is in 'mint' condition. I am blown away at how clean, unscratched or scuffed, and new this baby looks. Anyways, I am taken aback a bit by the fact that there is NO serial number on the head stock. There is one on the orange sticker inside however; that bugs me a bit too because the sequence is 8 digits - BUT - it is in groups of 4 digits with a space in the middle R##B ####. I can't get through to CusSupport so waddaya think???
  11. I just bought a used (in excellent condition) Gibson P-90 Dog Ear pickup. I am used to seeing some kind of identification marks or text or graphic on the base plate underside of all Gibson pickups. This baseplate has nothing on it and, it is a typical two wire vintage style wire. DCR at 74 degrees reads 8.20k. Seller is a vendor and says he just pulled it out of a Les Paul Junior. Thanks!
  12. Will trade BB1 or BB2 or 498T , all w/ nickel covers for a P-94 with gold trim and black body. They were common once. Now, all you can find is nickel/black.
  13. So ... history tells us that as of 1965 or so, Gibson settled on using Alnico 5 magnets exclusively. Is this true? Can anyone verify this? So then, since Tom Holmes created the 57 Classic in the early 80s, I'm gonna guess he went back to Alnico 2 for that adventure right? Does that mean that the Shaw humbuckers were all Alnico 5 or, does anyone realy know? I just built a winding machine and would like to collect as much input as possible before donuts and dollars are spent on wrong bobbins, wire, magnets etc. Thanks
  14. Thanks Guys According to Gibson Support, it is not a problem ... just don't leave the strings at A440 tension for any long periods of time like days and weeks and months of storage. I don't play in A440 anyway, as my singing voice needs me tuned down a whole step which makes the medium 13's a perfect match. Thanks for reading and taking the time to respond! Merry Christmas to ALL!
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