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  1. Hi Folks, I bought this baby brand new in 1996 and parked her in the closet somewhere around 2010. Just didn't use her very much. The other day, I took her out and noticed all the bridge pins were missing. I do remember when I packed her away, I unstrung her but, I don't remember what I did with the black bridge pins. DUHHHHHH! Anyway, I started looking for a high-end Guild 12-string. When I saw the almost $5000 price tag, I thought maybe my PR350 -12 Epi won't sound too bad once restrung and boned up with a custom saddle & nut. The Epi sounded great back then (for a low end 12 string) and had nice action and feel too. I know, I know ... pig's ear and the silk purse thing .... Does anyone know the specific size of these pins? I could not find any vendors who specifically sold Epiphone specific bridge pins. My J-45 pins are too large and my D-35 pins are too narrow. Thanks for reading.
  2. Good call DaveF The OE factory 3 on a plate tuners are StewMac Golden Era scalloped nickel open backs. I'm ordering the 'gold' Waverly set. Unbelievable price but, if they are good enough for Tony Rice - they are good enough for me! 🤣
  3. Thanks folks! She's going in to SevenCs in St. Petersburg tomorrow to get a 6 year 'tune-up'/setup. Also getting a new Calosi bone nut & bone saddle installed.
  4. I still get boners at 68 so I am very happy. Please ... don't ask me to post pics.
  5. Sorry, my title should say 3 on a Plate.
  6. Greetings, Does anyone know what brand of tuners are on my 2015 J-45TV? They are OE. My EB &G can't take it when I get all dynamic on her. Thx
  7. Yupp ... me too thinks the luthier will be the way to go. It does go easily counterclockwise to provide relief. I would never mess with my saddle for the simple reason you don't want to lose the perfect amount of string break angle. Neck is always the first and easiest adjustment on acoustics, saddle 2nd, nut is last ... unless that has all changed due to the current political environment🤣
  8. Hi folks, I've come to you acoustic techies for your advice. I'd like to lower the action on my J-45 TV and am starting with the neck adjustment. Using a draft man's 24" straightedge, I see my relief starts at fret 4 and stops at fret 12. This is achieved by sliding a page of my water bill between the ruler and fret tops. No big deal ... guitar sounds and plays amazing but at my age, barre chords and triads beyond the 5th fret are a bit tough. So, off comes the truss rod cover and I attack the adjuster nut with my official Gibson truss rod tool that came with my 335. Here's the problem ... applying pressure clockwise to straighten the relief did not happen - the nut would NOT turn at all. If I cranked it any harder, I felt I'd cause life-ending damage😠 Is it possible to shoot some food grade lube or something down the neck or is it time for a luthier?
  9. Thanks for everybody's input! I did not buy the 2007 as it was drilled out for a pickup under the saddle and end pin. I'm a mic guy and gotta have an unmolested instrument. I did purchase a MINT condition 2015 J-45 TV last week and that baby is here to stay! The specs I was looking for go only as far as the 'legacy gibson' website where all the basics are posted. Even though the nut, the saddle and the bridge pins are Bone, I'm gonna guess they're are a minimal quality bone. Has anyone upgraded those particular parts with a higher quality Bone and achieved noticeable results?
  10. Hey Philfish, Nope ... no pickguard in the case. All my info says True Vintage is sans pickguard. Here is the Gibson Legacy link ... have a look. http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Acoustic-Instruments/Round-Shoulder/Gibson-Acoustic/J-45-True-Vintage/Specs.aspx I'll check out the tune and when Gibson contacts me shortly with their findings, I'll post them. Thx.
  11. Intonation is dead on. The guitar is absolutely mint except for this shabby glue job. My concern is was it the factory OR was it a not-so-honest vendor when asked before purchase whether or not the instrument has had ANY repair work done at all. It does not affect the tone I paid for and got. However, it is knowing if a guy messed with a 6 year old instrument in mom's bedroom, and, for what reason - or - did the big guys mess up a bit. The big guys can give satisfaction; the bedroom guy can't. Thx ZW. 😎
  12. Horse goes into the bar for a drink. Bartender asks him - "hey buddy, whats wit da long face"?
  13. though the pictures don't show it due to lighting, that 'zipper' effect goes all the way around all 4 sides equally.
  14. Thanks Folks ... here we go wit da piks j-45tv bridge3.jpg.lnk j-45tv bridge.jpg.lnk j-45tv bridge2.jpg.lnk j-45tv bridge3.jpg.lnk
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