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  1. I had to reply because this thread had ALMOST been driven to page 2 of Epiphone Electrics! The breaking news is ...... Sweetwater still doesn't have it yet.
  2. Compared to my other semihollow Epiphones, it has that "dipped in polyurethane" sort of appearance. And this was the only Epiphone semihollow that had to be forced into the hardshell case. I swapped cases around with my other Sheratons and got every guitar into a case that would fit it. No cracks in it or loose electronics or bad wiring...just a very thick, transparent cherry finish. This seems to be something that is typical of the lower end Ibanez and Gretsch guitars.
  3. I don't know why, but I keep checking Sweetwater only to see that they haven't arrived yet. I'm not going to buy one, but wonder why Sweetwater is so low on the totem pole.
  4. Drat! I thought the only guitar model the Japanese went crazy for was Mosrite "Ventures" models.
  5. Brad! Is there room for two blue Les Paul guys on this forum?
  6. I'll second milod here. For me, the ONLY real upgrade I always do is having a luthier give it a good setup. I'm just not good and those tweaks myself.
  7. I didn't mean to imply that Epiphones and jazz are mismatched, though it may have sounded that way. The thing that sort of concerns me is not Epiphone, but rather the state of affairs at J Hale Music, who really seems to be targeting higher end jazz players. I haven't bought from him for years, but did pick up D'Angelico, Heritage, and Eastman from him over the last decade or so. His inventory and prospects for carrying future jazz boxes seems to be dwindling.
  8. I appreciate the thoughtful responses above. I didn't pull the trigger on a Zephyr when they were still available. Today I have been listening to the "100-year-history of jazz guitar", a set of CDs I bought about 6 years ago. What truly amazes me is the amount of tremolo that early players used. To the point of being distracting. The early Ventures also went a bit over the top with whammy bar on their Fenders. Again, thanks for your input and expertise, guys.
  9. I never really considered my Byrdland as a jazz guitar, though its roots are definitely jazz. When I think jazz guitar, I think large arch top with one pickup near the neck, and a spruce top. Do any of you play jazz (in the Wes Montgomery style) on an Epiphone? If you do, what is your preference?
  10. That's what I mean by my not knowing about marketing. If the public IS truly wanting Epiphone to make more Les Paul models, then they're doing the right thing. Having a spruce top does make the Byrdland more difficult to manufacture than a plywood maple top, so the cost (and price) are higher.
  11. Congrats! I've been out of the loop re: Epiphone for a few years. Is the 339 about the same size as an AlleyKat or WildKat?
  12. A replacement for the now defunct Gibson Les Paul Doublecut.
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