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  1. Not sure if these ever came with a case, being budget guitars, but I'm looking for a case that will fit. Ideally an Epiphone case, but if you have a lead as to what might fit, I'm all ears. Tnx!
  2. For those curious, I moved to the Gretsch-talk forum :-)

  3. Man, what are the odds? I haven't been here in months and usually just do some quick scans of threads! Michiel, the builder of the "Elektra" 185 clone is the same guy who resurrected my Plexi. EE, clever guy, a total tube ampaholic, great ear for tone, and almost intuitively able to make the translation from a sound into a tweak. If anyone one can pull this off it's him.
  4. One of my favourite pieces. A testament to the versatility of the man. 24 strings anyone? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQs2ensxUzk
  5. No experience of my own, but I've followed his work for years, and he seems to know what he's talking about. Might be worth checking out. http://www.curtisnovak.com/pickups/firebird.shtml
  6. Actually it's one stereo and one mono jack. The Mono out needs to be "told" the Stereo out is not in use... or you'd miss half the signal. All EMG fitted Gibsons ie Zakk Wylde models.
  7. Glad to help Oliver, good luck with the sale. FWIW. Don't question the MIC moniker. The Ping Works hardware, whether stock or aftermarket, is pretty good considering the price. It comes stock on some Fenders as well(relabeled)
  8. Planet Waves does not make guitar hardware other than tuners(mechanisms) and they are easily indentified by the logo. I have 2 Gibsons which came with "PW" hardware as well, so it's authentic. I'm assuming PW stands for Ping Works, which is the Chinese subdivision of Gotoh Japan...
  9. I think "T-top" mainly indicates a desire for a low/medium output PU. With the current surplus of amps and pedals at our disposal today, we don't need to rely on hi gain pickups to slam the amps anymore. There is an increasing number of players that have become aware a lower output pickup will retain some clarity and definition to the signal. You can always add dirt, but it's hard if not impossible to clean up the signal if it is allready "driving" at the source. The V probably has a 496R/500T set with ceramics. Which is as far removed from Schenker/Rhoads as is possible in PU terms.
  10. Either a 490R or 490T with an A5 magnet. (Stock is A2) The R is closer to T-top spec in terms of DC-resistance.
  11. As far as I know they've always been ceramic. Interesting approach to pick a pickup based on the magnet. You won't find many A2 loaded hi-output pickups tho. They may work well in the PAF type/low to medium output- pickup like the Seymour Duncan Alnico2Pros, but in general A2s tend to get mushy in the low end. But as been noted there are no rules as to what goes or not, so feel free to ignore. :) Half of a good hardrock/metal sound is probably in the amp/cabs anyway... Personally I always liked the Seymour Duncan Custom series (SH5, SH11, SH14) Same bobbins , different magnet. I liked
  12. Hmm... you're saying the only difference between a stock BB1/BB2 and the BB Pros is the magnet??
  13. They shouldn't line up exactly. The hole on the low E-side is supposed to be a couple of mm down towards the strapbutton and slightly inwards. The quick and easy way is to dowel the hole and proceed but... the way you lined it up now, the Bigsby will touch the tunomatic bridge on the high E side, which IMO is something you'd want to avoid. It will look cramped and leaves the strings in a very acute angle going from under the second roller to the tunomatic bridge. You'll find the Bigsby incapable of even a light shimmer without going out of tune. And a rollerbridge only helps so much...
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