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  1. Lots of videos on YouTube from the NAMM Show, showing many guitars not on the site yet. Two of them are in the picture for the announcement of the 2016 line - the new ES-275 and 58 ES-335RI (note the lack of neck binding). Lots of limited runs: Frost Blue ES-345, ES-Les Paul and ES-335 in Pelham Blue, 63 ES-335 Bigsby, ES-Les Paul Special (flat top), ES-Les Paul Standard (no f-holes), ES-Les Paul fully hollow w/Bigsby, and the whole "Premier" series (ES-Les Paul, ES-335, ES-345, ES-Les Paul P90) which utilize thermally aged bracing and center blocks. As if that weren't enough, I saw a Memphis factory tour video made this year, and at the end when they're showing final assembly, there is a brief shot of someone carefully installing a piezo loaded TOM bridge into an ES-Les Paul. Hmmm...
  2. I'm assuming that some of the guitars shown in that other thread that are not in the 2016 lineup at launch will be limited runs. Some may be exclusives - AMS is selling a 2015 ES-Les Paul Goldtop VOS with P90's and a wraparound tailpiece that I haven't seen elsewhere.
  3. Still don't get why the ES-Les Pauls all ended up with 1.7" nut. I really liked the 1.67" on the first ones. That said, the Pelham Blue and Goldtop P90 w/Bigsby are especially interesting to me. I think Gibson Memphis is putting out the best guitars Gibson has to offer.
  4. I've played a lot of beautiful sounding Gibsons with adjustable bridges and even Tune-O-Matics. These bridges have long been branded "tone killers," by some, but Pete Townshend's J200 had a TOM, George Harrison's J200 had a TOM, Mickie Most's J200 (which Jimmy Page borrowed for some Zep stuff) had a TOM - and those guys had some truly great acoustic guitar sounds. Were there dogs with TOMs and adjustable bridges? Sure, but there are dogs without them. If the guitar sounds good, it's not a mistake.
  5. I just bought a bottle of the cleaner and a bottle of the polish the other day at Guitar Center in Chicago. Haven't used it yet, but I intend to clean up my 99 Songbird Deluxe before I try and sell her (great guitar, but she pretty much stays in the case since I got my J-185).
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