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  1. I think these things usually end up on Strat style guitars where you can shove the battery under a pickguard.
  2. When I install new tuners I drill what ever holes I need. After all, if those are gonna be the tuners for that guitar, they need to be properly installed. (Don't sweat some extra holes, you won't see them anyway.)
  3. I've been wanting one for a while. I wasn't a fan of the cream rings/knobs and green tuners so changed everything to chrome. It's a '96 from the Fine factory. Here it is with my quilt top.
  4. Bummer dude. What is worse that waiting on a NG and then it shows up busted? I hope you saved all the packing materials and took lots of pics. File a claim and better luck on try #2. I've never had one this bad, but have been disappointed a couple times when Ebay items showed up much worse looking than their photos. It sucks. Good luck!
  5. It's a pickup....it's wire and magnets. Do they sound any good? If so hang on to them and be proud to own some cool mystery pickups. If not replace them and you'll know exactly what you're playing. (I guess you could always Czech with Schaller hehe.)
  6. Thanks guys but it's the tulips I'm trying to get away from lol. The knobs just seem really cheap to me. I appreciate the feedback on these GFS lockers. I've wondered about them for a long time and have been very close to ordering them a couple times. Maybe now.
  7. Just curious what some of you guys prefer in the way of tuner upgrades? My '99 LP has the Kluson type with the skinny shaft and plastic button and they have to go. I put Grovers on an Epi LP once and they seemed to be too short (or headstock was too thick?). Sperzels seem nice. Just wondering what you guys have had success with. Thanks for any help.
  8. The fretboard looks dry but I swear I gave it like 5 treatments of lemon oil. Maybe next time it needs strings I'll hit it with some of that black stain that Stew-Mac sells. Have to make sure it won't stain the inlays tho....
  9. I owned 3 Epi Les Pauls and sold them all off, one to a forum member (old forum). But after seeing this beauty I just had to get back on the horse. It's one of those 1999 limited editions. It's got all Gibson electronics...all I did was add some black pickup covers. She's real purdy.
  10. So what is it if not an Epi?
  11. They're real nice' date=' so much so I'm trying to sell mine. LOL it's got nothing to do with NOT being a nice guitar, just trying to downsize. http://spacecoast.craigslist.org/msg/1192276884.html
  12. Wow nice. Is it just me or is the one on the right slightly larger bodywise?
  13. Wow a custom shop Zakk for only $185. What a steal. The chinglish is priceless: Please look at this item, very beautiful and lovely.Such a nice item is best suited for personal collection or a valuable gift,a display as well? It is really fantastic! Bid it with your confidence! You will not regret! Unlimited surprise waiting for you, what are If you are a collector please don't miss this good item. please do not miss so better chance to get it. Enjoying your bidding! It will bring you and your family happy and bless! God blesses you!!!
  14. I remember hearing about wiping strings with WD40 back in the late 70's. I tried it a couple times, hated it, and never looked back. (If strings ever cost $200 a pack, I suppose I might rethink it.)
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