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  1. I have a bridge like that, scratched easily to show copper-colored metal below. Eventually put the fixed compensated bridge back on, doesn't seem to make any difference, and it sounds better I think.

  2. Did a roller bridge for wraparound special P90 with ebay parts:



    Bridge is pretty but saddles crap. The rollers work with the bridge screws and are top quality. Brid...

  3. Not mine, but I know you guys appreciate these units, so have a look: http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/msg/4586465194.html
  4. Some photos of the Casino Coupe that a buddy of mine at NAMM was kind enough to forward:
  5. I sold the one on the far left earlier this year to another forum member but I still have the other 6. They are all late 70's originals except the red one second from the right, it's a 2012 reissue.
  6. That should be interesting - any pics?

    I haven't tried an Xtrem yet, but they look good.

  7. Hey Brianh,

    Just put a Teisco trem on a TV yellow Special I and it looks great and holds pitch pretty well. $20 on ebay. Any feedback on the Xtrem from Guitar Fetish yet?

  8. Congrats on the new Geni. I fit a TonePros bridge on an Epi Les Paul Standard recently and noticed that the saddle travel was a bit longer than the stock bridge. That might do the trick. http://www.musicians...dge-large-posts
  9. Sorry, haven't been playing or foruming much lately. Until I get off my arse and do a recording, this will have to do: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNprxIrSkf0
  10. Thanks Red, we were just kidding around. There is nothing to do to this guitar except keep it properly humidified, stare at it and play it every day. I will take it to the seller's shop and ask him to address the wonky b-string though. It has never had a refret so it's got some divots at the cowboy chords. It also came with the finger picks used by the little old church lady who owned it. I hope she died peacefully, it would be weird to hear "Nearer My God To Thee" through the vents at 2 AM.... B
  11. Tone is damn fine considering it's nearly 100 years old. I put a mirror inside and was amazed at how well the work has held up. The binding is intact and it came with a new bridge to lower the actions and the old one including some strings from the '20's. The B string has a little buzz at fret 1, but other than that all notes ring out. Maybe hot pink?
  12. Whaddaya think if I paint it black?
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