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  1. Did a roller bridge for wraparound special P90 with ebay parts:



    Bridge is pretty but saddles crap. The rollers work with the bridge screws and are top quality. Brid...

  2. Just picked up a Legacy tele clone on Amazon for $89 shipped and the QC tag is indeed the same as on my Epiphone Special I that I got at the last Guitar center sale. Beautiful quality finish and electronics but had to dress EVERY fret end. Added brass compensated saddles and a fake Bigsby. I highly recommend this for anyone who can use a file.
  3. Hey Brianh,

    Just put a Teisco trem on a TV yellow Special I and it looks great and holds pitch pretty well. $20 on ebay. Any feedback on the Xtrem from Guitar Fetish yet?

  4. Thanks much! Beautiful work.

  5. Hey Brianh,

    Saw your yellow Jr with the Bigsby. Very pretty! Is that the original bridge? Did you have to modify it to keep it from moving backwards? What model whammy? How did it work out?

    Thanks in advance for any advice. I just got the P90 Special after buying a Special II with humbuckers a while ago. Both were perfect right out of the box and practically free. Any ...

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