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  1. Enough. Lets see your friends jam!
  2. Oh I so beg to differ. My Deluxe is my be all end all little workhorse. I've used it in LOTS of different situations, and it so rarely lets me down. I "won" the volume war in my band with it, and its faster to piss off sound guys than my blackface Pro Reverb.I can be peeling paint on stage with the 'Pro and nobody complains. Someplaces the 'Deluxe is barely cracked open and I'm being asked to adjust my stage volume.
  3. This reminds me of accounts of Adolf Eichmann and how mild mannered people said he was in person. A soft spoken mass murderer. I've heard it referred to as the "banality of evil".
  4. OK. Geuss this aint gonna fly.... Basically its a clip of a psychologist comparing the character traits that typify sociopaths with the "character traits" of a large corporation. Dr.Robert Hare is the name of the psychologist you can look him up on the Youtube.
  5. ...Con sarn it lemme try this again...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui9C6xVpVf0
  6. Interesting you should bring up sociopaths, psycopathy all in light of what is/isnt evil. I thought this was pretty interesting when I ran across it..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui9C6xVpVf0
  7. I have an old (late '80s) Modern Lead in my Deluxe Reverb. I love it. Sounds good at low volume and with the amp cranked.Definitely you need something more than a 30 watt speaker!!
  8. Im curious as to the circumstances under which you meet these "people"...
  9. A 'friggin men! I really get the sense that Gibson corp. has crawled waaayyyy up their own a-s-s withthis one.
  10. St. Louis. it can get Chicago like around here, usually not until January or February though. Winter around here can be on the mild side though, too.
  11. Anybody else like this time of year? I love it. No more stifling heat. No more insects. Honestly, it doesnt even bother me when it gets dark at 4:30. I love all the holidays and notable days that come with it, Thanksgiving probably being my favorite. Seemingly, I can think a little clearer and am a little more energetic when its colder/cooler as well. Yep, I dig winter and the coming of winter...
  12. Mick Ronson Steve Hunter & D-i-c-k Wagner Richard Lloyd
  13. ....were 6 years old. I had a cat named Geronimo, Captain and Tennille were all over the place, and Saigon still hadnt fallen yet. A girl in my first grade class named Gail had a huge crush on me.
  14. Man, Id be willing to bet this something made for the Japanese market. Most detailed write-ups of the thing seem to be in Japanese.
  15. Amen! Really liked those from about 3-4 years ago. Definitely something I should have bought at the time. "Nah" i said to myself then "they'll always be around. I can get one whenever..."
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