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  1. Unless it changes I would think to just leave it as it is, its not really going to change the sound from where it is and eventually once the money tightens up for you then maybe have a cleat placed on it ( $30-40 bucks ) but keep the saddle sometimes changing over to bone does not always give you a nicer sound. ship
  2. I'll bet that if you take the metal out and change the bridge plate and re-glue that back x brace you'll have found the problem and possibly some of the other bracing may be loose also.good luck.ship PS yes it could be worth the fix and I would leave the rosette the way it is.
  3. Wrong pick guard on his so its not original and that will reduce the price significantly and just because you see someone else list a price of $5000.00 doesn't mean that he got his asking price either. Noticed some folks are really stretching what they think thier guitars are worth and the market is just not there for some of those crazy prices.ship
  4. Always glad to hear when it works out for you, here is hoping that it stays just as nice 60 years down the road.ship
  5. Yep its not the best place for a strap button but thats just what they do at the factory, Just install one on the side where it will sit better and Bolek try different strings out you just never know which set will bring out the best highs and lows of the guitar its always going to be a hit and miss untill you fins just the right ones for your style of playing.ship
  6. Before you give up on her can you tell us what the height is at the 12th fret, from the photo's I would say that the saddle is lower then it should be and there are some other options from a neck reset like ramping the pin holes to give you a touch more angle of the strings to the saddle, just a thought good luck with it. You could always see what an expert things ( luthier or tech ).ship
  7. And so might your pickguard when using a hair dryer, not sure how to get it off but do be careful and maybe just let it fall off naturally.ship
  8. Sorry but I have to know why on green earth would the pins ( pins are use to keep the ball ends pressed up against the bridge plate to help the vibration to the top ) make any difference and the only time the nut is going to make a differnce is when you play open notes once you fret a string the nut is out of the equation and no bone saddles are not compensated when you buy them unless you have some one like Bob Colossi make one for you. I also have tried Walrus and old fossolized saddles and for the money well lets just say I wish I hadn't wasted that much $'s and elephant tusk was great on
  9. Try both some guitars will work better with bone and some with tusq and some will gladly stay better with the plastic saddle as for the nut well you only need to change that for looks if that matters to you, me I don't always swap them out it just depends on how different the saddle will look in comparison to each other and each guitar responds differently and of course your own ears as to what it likes in terms of sound.ship
  10. Call ahead of time to let them know that you have been tracking it so it doesn't mysteriously end up on the sales floor.Ship
  11. Great to hear that Gibson is doing the right thing by you, its to bad that Sam Ash were such ( well I won't say it here but I am sure you know where I was going )so maybe you'll end up with something even better.ship
  12. Any word yet on if they are going to replace your guitar.ship

  13. I can only say this like all guitar makers there are some greats and there are some dudes and there are stores that are to cheap to re-string them after they might have been on the floor to long. Seems to me the only real person that didn't care for them was the OP, and most of the others well seemed to think it was a joke anyway. Me I can love them and I can hate them but the one thing I do really well is play them, so who cares what one guy says anyway.ship
  14. Moucon are you for real, keep the old fret for what. There is absolutely NO DEPRECIATION from a re-fret. It is done so often that its not a big deal these days. If you think someone wants to buy a guitar where the frets need doing then you haven't been at this game to long have you. I have been doing this for almsost 50 years now and can safely say that you are so off base here and that you might be on another planet with this advise. Look I am not saying that I haven't made a mistake or 500 or so, but I do know that this is the wrong advise to give and almost anyone can tell you nobody wants
  15. Its priced just about right on the money, its called a concert style size made from around 1972 -78.ship
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