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  1. Hi guys! Haven't been around in like 2 years... So I bought a p93 and recently unblinged it... Now I really love it.
  2. that guitar is simply awesome. If it cam in other colors Ill get one...
  3. Hi kids! Recently a friend of mine bought a brand new Valensi from Sweetwater, I tried it this last weekend and saw that it said MIK... Is that the only Epiphone being still produced over there? I love my P93 but I guess it will have some more value if it was a MIK...
  4. Hi my friends: I sometimes hear people go like this and they sell their guitars. What I want to know is: Is there a moment where really there is no solution to this? No new tuners, or nut? change the bridge perhaps? Let me know because my question is about a 12 string... I want to get one that sometimes can be a hit or miss and maybe that issue of tuning can be fixed. right? Please help.
  5. Hi: My nephew asked me this. I have no prior experiences with Casinos and Peerless or new chinese ones... care to help? :-
  6. Pure stock my friend. It's amazing, this guitar I just tuned, plugged and it was ready to go... I just need a 90's one with the big buckers...
  7. Me putting my p93 through a workout with my vibrolux and my 12 pedals. Not a single "note of feedback". Thanks epiphone for an awesome guitar.
  8. well since you ask: A wilshire 12 string or riviera 12.
  9. Why Epiphone doesnt do a wilshire 12 or release the riviera 12 again?
  10. what color is that of yours? the faded ot he other one? let me know. I have 2 red guitars and will like to keep the consistency. My jazzmaster is getting the candy apple red treatment, soon.
  11. the wives tale. That's why I got a bigger apartment, to hide my guitars[biggrin]
  12. my p93 is the bomb!!!!!! I recommend it to anyone... So get one....
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