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  1. Save your money on a stock A/E, get a Epi Ebony Dove, and then save up a little more and get a B-Band A2.2 or K&K Pure Western put in it. And of course get the case. You will end up spending about $600 or so for all of it, but you can start with only the Dove, then get more as you can.... The benefit is that you will have a better system, and if the tech who installs the electrics is any good, you will get a good setup as well, and be miles ahead. It will hang with ANY acoustic electric in a live setting....
  2. I just noticed that Epiphone moved alot of models into the out-of-production category. Some of my favorite guitars went that way.... So, what is up? New models? I can only hope they discontinued the EJ-200 to bring out the Ej-300 again, or better yet a Masterbilt Jumbo!!!
  3. Well, the 339 is a "PRO" whatever that means!! http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Archtop/ES-339-PRO.aspx
  4. I guess this is brand new...not even on the Epiphone site yet. But it is pre-order at MF!! http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-limited-edition-es-335-pro-electric-guitar
  5. I'm asking about the feel of the neck width and back profile. I like the feel of the DOT neck, but haven't yet held a 339. But, the link below might have just confused me.....it's new..... http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-limited-edition-es-335-pro-electric-guitar
  6. I'm pretty sure the Swingster comes with the roller bridge. If you look at the webpage, click on the hardware section, and it claims roller saddles even though the specs indicate otherwise. I know the one I played at GC had roller saddles. I really like it, but the price has got me questioning it. I think it should come with a case for that money. I want one, but may go for the ES-175 instead unless there is a great sale when I am ready to buy..... Jeff
  7. Does anyone have both a late chinese DOT and the 339? I played a DOT over the weekend and loved the neck, but would like the 339's smaller body. How similar are they? The website seems to suggest they are the same profile and all....but what does it feel like in the hands?
  8. I would get a Vibramate for it so you don't have to drill hoes, that way if you don't like it, it comes off with no evidence of modification. And, if you do like it, you can pass the VIbramate on to someone else and get most, if not all of your money back. I believe they fit both the B5 and the B-50. P.S. I put a B-70 on an SG, so the -7 series is possibly an option, though not really a correct one. I liked it, though!! Nie guitar, by the way!!
  9. I am also guilty of fretting unevenly, especially when rocking out!! I love really low action at the nut, you barely need any pressure to fret the note and I am usually guilty of bending strings out of pitch in a chord at the first position. I switched to 11's for this reason. If your action is low enough, they are not hard to play at all. Tougher to bend, but just give it a while and you will build the strength/techniqe to do it. As far as the harmonic/fretted note at the 12th....technically they should not be exactly the same because you are increasing tension on the string when you
  10. Well if we're talking amps also, there is just one.... A Fender Deco-Tone. Basically a Fender Blues Junior in a very limited edition plastic blow molded case. Sounded great, and was super easy to carry around. Very collectable. You can see it on the shelf behing the bass in my avatar. The tube sockets went out and then I sold just the case.....should have modded it instead!
  11. I'll third the Weber speakers. I have a 10F15T, 8F150, have had the Signature 10's and a 12F150. All were great for what they are. I'll also cast a vote for the Altec 417. Hard to find and expensive, but very nice and super efficient. Jeff
  12. 1. Custom parts Stratocaster....Robert Cray body, 50's reissue neck super-strat 5-way, fully shielded, OC Duff pickups, GREAT guitar. traded it because I thought I was tired of it!!! 2. Epiphone G-400 Vintage with the bound neck! It had the best tone of any humbucker guitar I have ever had. Played great. 3. Epiphone Japan SG, black with added Bigsby B-70. It played even better than the #2 above. Needed better pickups though. It is what I traded #1 for!!! Now I have a modded Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet that I have vowed to never sell. It has something.... And I am buildi
  13. Try some of the Curt Mangan Strings. www.curtmangan.com. I would suggest getting your nut as low as possible without buzz, and going with either Bluegrass guage 12's (my choice) or 13's. These guitars need heavy strings. Bone nut and saddle is the only way for me, some prefer the Tusq. I switched to rosewood pins and thought I could tell a difference, but it's not likely. But, they are prettier!! Low action and heavy strings are great for the Ej-200's
  14. For a pickup system, look at the B-band A2.2 or the A6T if you like the preamp and the tuner. I love the B-band stuff, but the K&K is good also. Whatever you do, get a soundboard and an undersaddle transducer for the best sound. Take a look at shorelinemusic.com to learn more about pickup systems. P.S. I would have gotten the Dove. I like the maple brightness, it works great in a live band situation. With the right pickup system you won't lose any of the bass....
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