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  1. I love my guitar, it's a 1996 Gibson Les Paul Standard Custom Shop guitar. I got it last March. Love it, it was love at first play. It's a chambered Les Paul through piece guitar... I looove it. The finish is funky, but I don't care, as I said, it was love at first play. I actually thought I bought an 1989 because it had a cardboard star cut out that read 1989 Gibson Les Paul - But my receipt said 99', so after trying to find out the year on the internet, I was told to phone Gibson, so I did... I phoned the 1-800 number 'from England', got through, told them my serial number, they confirmed it was a 1996 Red Sparkle Top... That it was a Les Paul Standard built at the Custom Shop and that there wasn't a certificate for this guitar, because it was built pre 2000, and Gibson didn't issue them then. - Well that was cool, finding out what year my guitar was, I like it. - So I guess 1996 was a good year or something 'I actually don't care, I like my guitar that much.' Red Sparkle Top/Clear Scratch Plate. It's even got my favourite Les Paul headstock. :D I want to put some Alnico II Pros in to this guitar. (Seymour Duncans, 'same model as Slash.') http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw_Tkvbsr3Q
  2. I can see them actually, now... I couldn't before, they look great.
  3. Drools That guitar looks fantastic! OMG, same as me, did you upgrade the pots & switches too?
  4. PLAYING ALONG TO: Guns N' Roses - You Could Be Mine
  5. My philosophy is to practise and show them all... Show them all! muahahahaha - lol Erm... The legend of Robert Johnson meeting the devil is cool.
  6. Oh wow' date=' thanks, you know, it's funny how you should talk about my sustain 'thank you' as it's a big part of my playing... Sustain, it's why I like Les Pauls.Even though the sustain comes from the player, not the guitar, I still think Les Pauls sound fantastic. And my guitar really does look cool, it's true. they are great fun to look at. But, I've actually made 2 videos to show case sustain and bends and solos and bending over backwards ect... [center'] How can I improve my sustain? Bends[/center]
  7. Well... This is it unplugged. No reverb, no distortian, just ME and THE GUITAR lol (YouTube)
  8. I got his pots/selector switch, I got his Seymour Duncan Alnico IIs too lol. I even have his amber selector switch head and long *** guitar strap. lol But I haven't got a near enough fast neck, though I do like my leveled frets, the neck/binding is stock, and repaired. I want to get the neck faster, I want Slash's bridge/tail peice and machine heads too! Until then, I wouldn't hold my Epiphone up to being like Slash's. I only have 1 Epiphone, and that's the Epiphone in my current signature.
  9. is that a good thing or a bad thing? Monotone I mean. erm... Check this
  10. If you like the Epiphone, thank Feline Guitars of Croydon, England The neck isn't set. I'm done for 2009, guitar project wise. And this Epiphone needs it's neck re-fished/sprayed. New binding on the neck is required also. The wood must set from the repair in October. Sometime in 2010 I guess for that. And this guitar to feel like what it should. IT'S NOT MAHOGANY, btw, the guitar, just incase anybody assumes Mahogany. (Like I did.) It's "Alder Wood", like something Fender might use... Or so i've been told.
  11. My Epiphone Les Paul As seen in Signature. (YouTube)
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