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  1. Well, I hope my new tubes are good and this never happens again. ;) Maybe I try it one of these days.
  2. So it seems there are two versions. I'm sure my values are correct too. Specially C25, I know it well because it exploded two times because a deffective tube. The idea about the dwell control looks interesting. I played with R31 value (put a 4M7 pot in parallel) and it did nothing, but now I guess changing both resistors for a pot as you suggest should work... My 4 last digits: 0059.
  3. Hello. I've updated the schematic to adjust the values of C6/7 (150p) and C25 (22u). I checked the other components and are all ok. Here's the schematic and component list checked one by one. RESISTORS R1 1M 1/2W R2 330K 1/2W R3 68K 1/2W R4 1K5 1/2W R5 56K 1/2W R6 4K7 1/2W R7 470K 1/2W R8 3M 1/2W R9 1M 1/2W R10 1M 1/2W R11 1K2 1/2W R12 33K 1/2W R13 1K 5W R14 10K 2W R15 68K 1/2W R16 4K7 1/2W R17 91K 1/2W R18 100K 1/2W R19 1K 1/2W R20 1K 1/2W R21 1K 2W R22 250O 10W R23 1K 2W R24 1M 1/2W R25 1K5 1/2W R26 1M 1/2W R27 1K5 1/2W R28 330K 1/2W R29 10K 2W R30 470K 2W R31 470K 1/2W R32 100K 1/2W CAPACITORS C1 C2 22n 400v C3 C4 22n 400v C5 C10 10n 400v C6 C7 150p lentil C11 C12 250p 500v C13 C14 22n 400v C15 C16 100n 400v C17 C18 100n 400v C19 C20 100n 400v C21 C22 100n 400v C23 C24 47p 500v C27 C28 250p 500v C30 C31 1n 400v C35 C38 22n 400v C39 ¿? 47n (what is it doing here?) C40 C41 1n 400v ELECTROLYTICS C8 +/- 22u 50v C9 +/- 22u 50v C25 +/- 22u 50v C26 +/- 6u8 50v C29 +/- 6u8 50v C32 +/- 22u 450v C33 +/- 22u 450v C34 +/- 22u 450v C36 +/- 22u 450v C37 +/- 22u 450v POTENTIOMETERS Gain 1M log Treble 1M lin Middle 25K lin Bass 1M log Presence 25K lin Master 500K log (double) Reverb 1M log
  4. Try this: increase R32 from 100K to 330K. Happy new year.
  5. Hi. I've looked inside a Fender Deluxe 112 of my own to find what kind of reverb it contains. Casually it's an accutronics 8EB2C1B, so I've quickly changed them to see what happens. First I've measured the impedances: Accutronics 8EB2C1B (Fender): IN=59O / OUT=205O Ruby 2EB2C1B (Epiphone): IN=77O / OUT=220O After the change, the fender reverb sounds wors than before, but it's still acceptable. The Epi with the accutronics tank: the reverb sounds simply less than before, neither better nor worse: very little volume and very very short, and still the annoying behaviour of the pot at the last quarter remains the same, maybe a little better than before. Conclusion: it's not an improvement at all. Now I know that the solution is in the electronics. The tank I've used is quite old (about 12 years or so) but it sounded ok inside the fender.
  6. Hi. I'm Javier from Spain. (excuse my bad english) I've got an Epiphone Valve Senior since a few days and I'm very glad with it, except for the pressence pot (it does nothing) and... yes, the reverb. It sucks, literally. The behaviour of the stock reverb is exactly like you describe it, blackmore1514k (ta'nteráo? intento decir que la reverb tal como viene responde exactamente a tu descripición), but it really disturbs the sound from 3:00 on. So I don't think changing the reverb tank really fixes the problem, but tweaking some electronic components values should do... at least I hope so. I have no idea about the how, my electronic skills are very basic.
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