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  1. Get a Digitech Hot Head. Cheaper than a DS-1 in most cases, and I think the guy said it was better than one too. A little bit noisy at high gain, but a really nice distortion sound. I run it with my Valve Junior and it sounds brilliant! The 2 band EQ makes it really easy to dial in a great tone, especially with the VJ on which I have to turn the bass up heaps to get a nice sound. Just the treble of the 8" combo playing it's part.
  2. Or maybe he thought he'd just throw in a reference to make us feel bad about not having tube rectos. Haha.
  3. If I did get a cabinet I'd put a Eminence Wizard 16 in it. 103.5DB SPL!
  4. Haha a Fender Deville in NZ is atleast $1200. A cab would be about $400 and the Valve Junior cost me $250! NZ isn't cheap. Oh and by the way our main worship leader used to have a Deluxe and it was too loud. So he downgraded to a 5 watt amp that is REALLY loud. So I bought a VJ expecting relatively the same result. It's probbably because his has a highed quality speaker I think.
  5. Sjael, I will remove my sig immediately. Unfortunately we don't have a great PA at our church and I am not able to get a monitor for myself. Is there anyone who can answer my question?
  6. Hey guys, you seem in the know so here I go... I have a VJ combo. It's fine for bedroom practice, but when I play at church I need more clean headroom. Not signifigantly more, but more. Now I know you'll all say that a VJ is made for grit, but I just wonder. I met a guy at a youth even with a VJ head and a Fender Deluxe cabinet and he said that for on stage he only had the volume at 9 o'clock on stage or it was too loud. To get enough volume with my combo I have to go to 1 o'clock. So I suppose my question is, how much volume difference is there (with any speaker other than an 8 or 10 inch)? All help appreciated.
  7. Whoa! What guitar is that? That fake binding looks pretty good aye!
  8. Oh well, never mind. I seem to have fixed it. Unsoldered the switch and just went back to standard wiring. Works fine!
  9. Hey guys, Last week I opened up my recently purchased EVJ for the first time, to do a couple of mods: 1. I wanted to do the JP1 mod (jumpy mod) 2. I wanted to add a switch to enable me to use an 8ohm speaker. Problem is, I bought it 2nd hand, and it has an unknown O/T in it, which supposedly had an 8ohm tap. After much testing I decided on which was the 8ohm and soldered it to a switch so I could swith between the two impedances. Unfortunately I had no drill avilable at the time so I stuck insulation tape over the back of the switch. Then I cut JP1 and re-assembled the amp. After I turned on the amp, the first thing I noticed was that the volume had dropped signifigantly, Eg. Usually if I had the volume on 12, it would be starting to overdrive, but now it was half the volume (metaphorically) and not O/D'ing at all! So I jumped back into the amp and resoldered JP1. No difference! Any help? Version 2 Combo. Sovtek 12AX7. JJ EL84.
  10. My tranny has 2.5k and 5k taps but I need to know which to use. Does adding another tube bring the primary impedance down?
  11. I have a 10 watt capable O/T so would the valve side impedance still be 5k or would it be 2.5k?
  12. So basically if I want to do this with 2 EL84s all I have to do is wire the pin on the original socket to the same pin on the new socket? However what do I change to have 1 EL84 and 1 6V6, because the pinout is different? Also could I switch the original tube to a 6P1P if I can find one?
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