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  1. I've owned many Riviera's over the last 20 years, MIJ, MIK MIC, and after my getting my 1968 I thought I'd had enough... Recently purchased this one from Japan. Black, stop tail with factory fitted minihumbuckers. Orange label: Serial number - 671## W/MH Made in Japan on the back of the headstock. This is the first MIJ Riviera I've seen with mini's except for Elite /Elitist and the current 66 RI, and according to some info on the net a 6 as a first digit in a serial number may represent a custom order. I have flipped the white truss rod cover over. Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Most of the Japanese and Korean Riviera's I've owned / played have wider, thicker necks than the 60's models.
  3. I actually prefer the Frequensator to the Bigsby, but I'm not complaining I' ll keep an eye out for a stock one, in cherry!
  4. Comparing it to my MIJ 80s , that one had humbuckers, a chunkier neck, double block inlays, it also sounded flat/dull acoustically. My other current Riviera is a MIK with gold hardware and Bigsby, a special run made for Yamano, a Japanese Epi distributor I believe. It's electrics and pickups let it down so I got new pots and Gibson mini-humbuckers installed, made a world of difference, like the MIJ it's neck is a little chunkier than the Elite. The Elite's neck is just perfect, weight and profile, the fret board is smooth with very little fret wear.
  5. Sorry these should have been posted below. MIJ MIK
  6. 2003 Epiphone Elite Riviera After years of owning various Riviera's, Japanese, Korean I finally got my hands on this. Elites, Elitist or original's seldom appear in Australia so I'm wrapped to get this for a good price, $1150. Neck profile is perfect for me, a little slimmer than others I've owned. Switched the knobs and truss rod cover apart from that needed nothing needed to done.
  7. Maybe one of these? As jonnyg said, Matsumoku, the late 70's have double block inlays where as the later Japanese had single. I've had this one for several years, great guitars. Like all of the non-USA models the necks are chunkier than 60s originals and have humbuckers of course. Available in cherry and walnut from what I've seen, several on ebay in the last 12 months from $1000 - $2000, you can pick them up cheaper if you look around....
  8. Hi LongMan That's a nice looking guitar, (except for the askew frequensator!)the sunburst looks better than in the Epiphone promo shots. Bad news about the number of issues it has. Apart from the intonation being off I'd regard all the other faults reason to return it, ask for a thorough QC of the next one before its sent. I was really interested in getting one of these but the being in Australia the only way will be buying from oversea's and unfortunately with Epiphones QC(?) that won't be happening.
  9. The only regret I've had was buying the first re-issue of the Wilshire. Big disappointment, humbuckers sounded like mud, sold it 2 weeks later. All of the semi acoustics I've owned have been great.
  10. I'd be happy with reissues of any of Epiphones 50s or 60s models, Emporer, Sheraton, Crestwood deluxe etc. And in some colours other than cherry or wine, Epi's sunburst circa 60s is the nicest there is. No more les paul or sg style guitars please, let Gibson do the Gibsons.
  11. 1- late 70s MIJ Riviera 2 - 91 MIJ ES 930J 3- 2011 MIC Riviera
  12. This is the only time I've ever seen one of these, a Casino with bound headstock, played by Roky Erickson of The 13th Floor Elavators, from 1966. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCN_GUeN2lc
  13. Any advice or experiences on replacing the pickups in my MIC Riviera? I'm leaning toward Lollars because of the replacements I put in my avri jazzmaster which are a big improvement to the stock fenders. I'm all ears.
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