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  1. Yes! Nice photo, crust! I'm looking into alternatives to Photobucket and hope to re-post my shots at some point. OAG
  2. Thanks, Ray! I'll look for that kit. Jon
  3. Thanks, tweed2! I lurked a bit but it's been around five years or more since I have spent any real time here. I'll post some more pics before long. I like this thing so much I've vowed (so far) not to void the warranty on it like I have my other Epiphones I bought new! Those are some fine looking guitars and amps you have there! Jon
  4. Thanks, Cougar! It is beautiful in person. What is up with Photobucket? That's new since I was last active on the forums (about 2013) and despite having posted them, I can't see them now either. I'm hoping this 3rd Party Hosting thing is sporadic and gone more than it's here. Jon
  5. Hey, Ray, Yes the frets seem unusually tall on mine. I find they don't seem to affect playability. The time I've spent with it so far has been quite enjoyable! I raised the bridge a bit and the fret buzz appears to have disappeared. I'll spend a bit more time checking it next week. It's probably time to invest in a few fret leveling tools from Stew-Mac, as I have some other guitars that could use that sort of attention. Jon
  6. Thank you! It's good to be back! Those white ones are gorgeous, too. This is my first fully hollow big box electric. It has a bit of fret buzz, but a bridge adjustment and possibly a truss rod tweak should take care of that. Jon
  7. Hi All, Returning to the forum after being away a few years. Just got an Emperor Swingster in the color I've been GASsing for since the Guitar Center and Musician's Friend Christmas sales. I decided to pull the trigger during the last day of the Musician's Friend "Shamrock" sale. Mediocre cell pics, I know, but the second is under a skylight over the stairs and shows the finish reasonably well. I love this thing. Jon
  8. Would you consider a "modding platform" like the Epi Les Paul Junior? The prices are still reasonable. Here's the page from Sam Ash' date=' for example: Sam Ash Ep Les Paul Jr. I used my '96 Epi Les Paul Jr. as a modding platform and it's one of my favorite guitars for noodling and indeed, recording. See the previous post in GL's "My new (used) guitar..finally here" thread (post #20).
  9. Looks good as is, Pohatu! Sort of a half-gloss, half-satin look. This is going to seem like a weird idea, but I do it: try Meguiar's Cleaner Wax in a relatively inconspicuous area. Some purists will decry the use because it has silicates. That's only an issue if you'd be bonding something to it with an adhesive, AFAIK. It's never been a problem for me, and it really shines up finishes. I'd recommend a light soap and water rinse off (taking care to keep it out of the wrong areas, of course). That product is petroleum-based and will smell.
  10. Neat looking project guitar, Pohatu. Have you tried rubbing out the finish with a fine-grit rubbing compound then a swirl remover? That might eliminate the need to shoot additional clear coats (assuming you were considering that).
  11. Yep, sweat can damage nitro guitars. You've probably seen pics of Rory Gallagher's Strat (what a player that guy was!). I have read that SRV's Strats suffered a bit of the same sort of damage. The reason I'm posting like a son of a gun in this thread is that it's contextually relevant to what I'm doing right now: waiting for the differential between ambient temp and the dew point to rise to 15 degrees from the current 8 degrees so I can shoot another coat of lacquer. I've been giving thought to switching over to poly for future projects (I have a USACG Downsized Tele body on order FWIW) because it's looking like the water-based polyurethanes have been developed to the point that a home assembler like me can use them and get good results. And they're more environment-friendly.
  12. I think there's a lot of truth to the linked article, Lennysboy. Nowadays, when people talk about "nitro" there's a good possibility they're talking about a blended lacquer that's acrylic-based, with some nitro in it (as I mentioned above). My "jury is still out" on the degree to which a finish on a solid body guitar impacts tone, if at all. However, I tend toward the view expressed by Notes_Norton above (and your linked article). I'm not yet willing to concede that the wood used does not affect tone (I've been using up my purpleheart on my project guitars, and it's very dense and seems brighter than my alder or mahogany guitars). Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. I hope to know in the fullness of time. There ARE vendors on the web that sell true nitrocellulose lacquer for finishing guitars. I've never had the need to go to that length, since the home store lacquer I've been using has given me good results.
  13. Well, Hendrix DID add lighter fluid! Yep, an oil-based nitro-like lacquer will no doubt burn like a torch if you get it going. Somehow, that's never been a problem for me, speaking personally.
  14. I'm guessing your question pertains to guitars that come from the factory with one of the two finishes. Poly is more durable' date=' and I agree with much of what's been said here thus far. However, I have worked with polyurethane in guitar spot repairs and I'm shooting a nitrocellulose lacquer (or what is closest to an actual nitro that can be purchased easily from a home store these days) on a project Partscaster right now. [i']Nitro absolutely CAN be applied so as to have the same gloss as poly. [/i] I've just started the layering and wet sanding, and based on prior guitar finishing experience, I will be getting a look like a sheet of glass or water over the wood. The clarity and "sheet of water" look of the final finish with nitro depends on wood preparation (grain filler, sanding sealer), how and when you shoot the lacquer, and how you sand and polish it. I'll refrain from mentioning another web forum here (because of the feelings others have about that as mentioned in response to others doing it recently), but if you search on "smooth as glass" IIRC and "finish" in a certain large and well-known Telecaster-focused forum, you'll see some confirmation of what I've mentioned here.
  15. Tom sorry about hijacking your thread here. Stuart--hey' date=' fellow Seagull, check your inbox when you get a chance. OAG
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