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  1. my bad, read the first post and figured out that it is an Indonesian made guitar in 2009.
  2. My son has an explorer GT with serial number 0909231207 can't find anything on the searches for this number.
  3. Does anyone have some cool licks they have tabbed out? Is there anything you play for warming up or speed improvements? I am looking for some new or fresh music to play and yes there is an endless supply of tabs our there but is there any thing original out there that could be shared. I don't want to start getting into copyright issues this is just to share knowledge and different techniques so if someone posts a cool lick that is there's then they deserve all the credit. thanks
  4. First off I am really pleased with the thread and there was no juvenile inputs, this was my only 2nd post so I didn't know what to expect. Secondly all the arguments are very valid and you also validate my feelings towards the Epiphone guitars. I am trying to upload photos of my guitars to share but I just can't figure this one out yet. My Epiphone Special II is probably the best playing guitar I have ever tried and it is all about who is on the guitar and not the guitar. Have to take my son rafting so again this has really given me faith in forums that topics can be discussed without mind
  5. I am new here and only have been playing for a couple years but why all the negativity about Epi's? Can't afford a Gibson but I do have an Epiphone Elitist Casino that is awesome and I put new pickups in my Special II that plays as good as any guitar I have tried at GC. I guess when you ask a question like this there will be some negatives but I am truely trying to figure this out. The Golden Gods were sponsered by Epi, there are quiet a few players that use Epi (Edge is probably the biggest) and still there is no respect for this brand. I sincerly hope to start an interesting thread
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