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  1. If I remember correctly from the ET-290 guitar that I used to have (now owned by my brother), the serial numbers was on a sticker attached to the neck plate. Chances are it was removed or wore off on yours if you can't find it.
  2. Nice score! I originally wanted a Dot in Natural, but I got such a good deal on my '09 Cherry one, I couldn't pass it up. I agree with how well it hangs in there, even acoustically. Mine has the most resonant neck I've ever felt.
  3. My first and only bass that I've had before my Thunderbird was a black '87 Peavey Patriot. It wasn't a terribly expensive bass, but man, was it solidly built, and pretty damn good sounding with the Super Ferrite pickup. I only had a first gen Peavey Minx amp, but it was plenty to piss off the neighbors in the apartment complex. I ended up selling it when our kid was on the way. I would definitely like to have another one, or a Peavey Foundation. I also had a Washburn 5 string for a couple of weeks, mostly bought because I got an insane deal at one of the local pawn emporiums on it. I end
  4. I got interested when I found what turned out to be an ET-290 in the want ads in the newspaper (yeah, those existed at one time kids) for $95. The finish was great, the sound was just awesome, especially through the 2x15 Bassman I had at the time. Its still the loudest guitar I've ever owned. Now if I can just figure out how to snag it back from my little brother . . . . I was out of the game and sans guitar for a few years, but when I got back in, it was with the cherry Dot that I own now. I just recently decided to get a bass too and now am the proud owner of an Epi T-bird as well.
  5. I got to try the Classic IV Pro out yesterday before I ended up buying the bolt-on model. Honestly, I personally didn't like the sound of the Gibson ceramic pickups next to the TB Pluses on the base model. They just didn't seem to have that nice rich low end that the Tbird should have.
  6. That is damn sharp. Wish they still did look like that, but I'll content myself with the sunburst one I bought yesterday (with the wife's approval no less). Just wish I didn't have to wait until next month to pay it off.
  7. Looks pretty. Where did you get yours from? I've not seen any of the Pro models available anywhere yet.
  8. That was my initial thought too, but not all the sites (such as Sweetwater and MF) are showing a price drop yet, so I'm a bit confused.
  9. Anyone hearing anything about price drops coming on some models? I'm seeing that AMS and ZZounds are both selling EL-00's for $249 now, and it appears to be a permanent price drop, and not a closeout. Any rumblings anyone knows about?
  10. I could, but I'm finding if I want the single coil tone, the Tele's have the sound I'm really looking for. I'm just chalking this up to a lesson learned about what I really want.
  11. Put me down as another who likes the neck shape (actually, I love it, it's the best natural fit for my tiny hands I've found). What I'm extremely disappointed about are the pickups. Great cleans, good with a mild overdrive, but anything over that sounds really thin and ugly, like everything is out of tune even though its not. I thought a first that my amp was the problem (Roland Cube 20X), but I've tried it through several different tube amps as well, and I'm just not impressed. Mine is up on CL now, and I'll probably be replacing it with a Tele. Found a late 90's California Series one at
  12. I was very happy to see the price reductions, as I was finally able to afford the git I've been wanting to get. I'm getting a cherry '61 SG LE, and I should have it on Monday. That $60 reduction on mine was awesome.
  13. The AC4's also don't have a headphone out. You might look at something like a Fender Frontman 15R, or maybe a Vox VT15, both of which would fit the bill with reverb and headphone jack. The VT15 also has some nice amp modelling as well.
  14. I had a ET-290, which my little brother owns now. This one is awesome, one of the loudest guitars I've ever heard, and could feedback a mid-70's Bassman with 2 15's, no problem. One of these days I'll manage to steal it back from him. Easily the best $95 I ever spent on a guitar.
  15. I'm hoping to come up with one of these soon to test out. The few reviews I've seen so far (mostly from Sam Ash) have been pretty positive. I'd like to have a short scale guitar. Maybe my short fingers might finally be able to make some of the chord stretches.
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